Misconceptions about the CotC


In the last month, Courier of the Crypts got lots of exposure from gaming sites, blogs, Indiegogo, Steam Greenlit, streamers, youtubers, which is really great but there was one problem – misconceptions. It looks like I did a bad job at marketing not making it clear what my game is really about. Maybe that’s another reason that Indiegogo campaign failed? In this article I’ll try to cover the most common misconceptions that I’ve noticed.

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Engine update – Textures & Sprites

Framegin Update Blog Post Banner

With early preview demo release of the Courier of the Crypts I found out there is this rendering bug on some systems where stuff got rendered over the player sprite while it should be under it. Z-rendering & sprite ordering were playing tricks on me.

I was relying only on Z value of sprites instead of drawing them in the correct order. It worked on most of the systems but sytems with integrated graphic card had the mentioned problem. I had to add sorting to the sprite manager and I simply removed
disabled the Z-rendering since I don’t really need it for the game. I also used this chance to change and add quite some stuff to the engine.

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Courier of the Crypts – no funding, future?

IndieGoGo Failed

Few days ago, on 11th of November, the Indiegogo campaign for the game failed with only 33% funded (3,342€). Like some of you I’m a bit bitter about the outcome of the campaign as well. Was I prepared for fail? Of course, but I’m optimistic type of the person and I had high hopes for the game. For about a week or so I disappeared to relax from 2 months of rush, to get my mind straight and prepare for the future. I got many messages asking weather I’m ok. Yes, I’m ok and ready to kick ass, thanks for your concern :)

This is just one failure of many yet to come. Let me remind you that great things also happened ;)

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Courier of the Crypts – Demo, Indiegogo and Greenlight

I want to announce that Courier of the Crypts is finally on Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight. There is also a demo preview version ready for you to download. I’m a bit late with announcment but I was really busy for the past few days with the preparations for the campaigns and game festival where I’m having my booth at this very moment.

Indiegogo | Greenlight 

Indiegogo is already 18% funded and not even 2 days passed.. This is just great because it’s obvious I have lots of fans supporting me and looking forward to the game release. THANK YOU everyone!

RebootInfoGamer 2014 – Courier’s first booth

The battle goes on, I’m far from the project being funded so I have a long month infront of me. Expect live development streamings in next month as well.

So please, pledge, vote, talk, yell and spread the world about the Indiegogo, Steam and the demo, help me get the word out.

From KS to IndieGoGo


This might be a bit less important for you than me (hopefully) but I’ll have to do the Crowdfunding campaign on the IndieGoGo platform.

As you might know, I’m from Slovenia where Kickstarter is not available. I have some connections that could put the project on Kickstarter but most likely I would have to do it a bit later which I can’t really afford. That’s what happens when you start to inform yourself about stuff too late. So, this is it. Date is staying the same, just another platform.

I know IndieGoGo is well known for much lower percentage of successful projects than Kickstarter but I have good faith in the campaign. I’ve learned that you want to see that game done and that’s all I need for this campaign. We can do this!

Another positive point for you is that you may pledge via PayPal while Kickstarter doesn’t allow that.


So this is it, new banner in IndieGoGo colors ;)

I hope to see you there on 11th of November.

Wednesday Recap #32


You might have heard that Kickstarter date for the Courier of the Crypts is revealed. I’m yelling around about it for a week now. Because preparations takes time I’ll stop with the weekly recaps until the campaign. After that, everything will go back to normal. So, no more recaps for 1 weeks but don’t worry. Instead of text blocks I’ll supply you with image material. That’s cool right? :)

Let me show you some stuff then.

✰ Sewers ✰ Tentacles ✰ Pathfinding ✰ Torch/Health bar ✰ Secret Areas ✰ Screenshots ✰ Much more ✰

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Kickstarter date announced for the Courier of the Crypts

CotC - Kickstarter announcment

This is it everyone, it’s going to happen. Courier of the Crypts is going to the Kickstarter on 11th of November 2014. This is when you can show me your full support. I’ll need your help once again – I’ll need to spread the word and I will need your likes, shares, retweets, forwards etc. and if you love what I’m making, your pledges.

If you don’t want to miss it you can subscribe to the mailing list on the game’s website. Alternatives are Facebook and Google+ groups, Twitter and IndieDB page where I’ll make sure everyone knows about it.

See you there everyone ;)

Wednesday Recap #31

Hello everyone. I’ll keep this report quite short since I was working a lot on the details (polishing…) for one of the maps from the demo. Don’t worry though, I have some cool stuff to show.

Animated goodies

On your way to the crypts, you’ll pass some wicked and cool stuff along the way. This for example, is the village church near the crypts where you’ll pass a silent and staring grave digger. Church bell is ringing, mist is crawling around…it’s quite an ambient, I can assure you.





That’s one part of the polishing I’ve done. My weakness is to polish stuff to the point where 99% people won’t see that tiny pixel flying around yet I’ll spend lots of time on it.

Of course, this is far from polished but I like it so far and I’ll leave it like that for a time being. What do you think? How does it feel?

Just remembered that I forgot to animate that spilling lava texture. Woopsie!

Map editor craze

I was talking about huge number of objects in the maps many times, how the connections work etc. I’m already working on the standalone article about that but for now, I would like to show you something. Map I’ll show you counts 491 objects so far and I don’t even dare to check how many connections. This is only a piece of the map I’ve mentioned. Check out how it looks like with all the connections and objects.


 If you want a more detailed view, click on the next screenshots.


If you check those screens you’ll see there are many different types of objects. More of them I make more freedom I have with the map editor. I would really like to release map editor after the game release because I would really like to see what players can make.

But you know how it goes – more freedom, more possibilities and more problems.


I’m on the verge of the kickstarter date reveal but I need few more days to plan things out to see if I can make it. I’m very excited but there is a lot of work for me to do from demo version itself to sending emails, video creation for the KS and much more. Stressful and enjoyable month(s) here I come :D

Wednesday Recap #30

I’m back with regular Wednesday Recap! I hope you all enjoyed the new teaser trailer and thank you so much for the patience. You did watch the trailer right? No? What are you waiting for then?

New website
newwebsiteAs you might know I’ve also released a new website that beats the old one 9000 times. If you happen to be a writer for the gaming site then I invite you to visit press part and get yourself some press-kit goodies and learn more about the game. There is also a support part of the page where everyone can help me out be clicking the social buttons and sharing the game around your circles via facebook, google+ and twitter. I’ll add more options over time including.


KickstarterIn last few days including right now I’m thinking about the Kickstarter campaign date and it’s hard. I would like to do it asap but I need the demo ready first. I’m working on it and at the best it will be done in 2 weeks. If that works out then I’ll be starting the campaign on November. This is what I’m discussing with myself so nothing is final. I’ll let you know when I decide for good.

Courier of the Crypts mentions


IndieGameMagazine (IGM) did a coverage on the game and I can’t tell you how honered I am to be on their site.


Game was also featured on the ConsoleFun.fr. If you understand french or if you trust uncle google then you’ll understand what they say about it.

Contacting gaming sites

I was sending some emails to the gaming sites to see if they would do some coverage for the game. I was featured on few sites without contacting anyone so this is my first time writing to them and I’m nervous about it. We’ll see what happens but so far it was a nice experience.


  • Tutorial
    I always disliked lots of text and pauses and whatnot in the tutorials so after some brainstorming I implemented key tutorial for starters. Eg. key for interaction will show two times in a row then I’ll let player figure it out for the third and fourth time. After a while I’ll show it again and that’s it. I plan to introduce mechanics slowly, step by step from interaction to torch handling.
  • Bugs bugs bugs
    I had lots of fun with bugs in last two days…no, not really. FMOD was causing me some troubles with 3D sounds, animations weren’t playing correctly at some points and hud was popping up even when I didn’t want it to. That and few more stuff with linking objects and triggers. But everything is solved.
  • Polishing
    I did a polishing run on the first map of the demo. Adding details to the map like objects on the ground / wall to the smoke particles in the air, sounds, lights etc. That’s the best part of the map design for me.
  • Adding and editing components to the map editor
    This takes quite some time but it’s worth it and again worthy it. When I’m talking about map editor components I’m talking about those silly objects that I’m placing around in the map editor. More components I have more stuff I can make. One component consists of the object with functionalities and triggers. For example, doors are 1 component – I have to draw those doors, then I have to program them to open and after that I have to set the trigger which tells you when will it activate other objects. You see, every component can be activated by the others or it can activate them. I was thinking to make a new blog post just to explain that system because it’s dynamic and powerful – interesting enough to read about I take it.

Health / Torch bar  <— big changes

It might came to your attention that there is no health bar / hearts in the game. That’s because there wasn’t anything like that – one hit and you’re gone. Through the history of the game people were dying like crazy on simple traps. Maybe I introduced traps in a lame sort of way but anyhow I needed some kind of system that won’t insta kill you.

Torch bar & Health bar

1. Idea - Torch bar serves as a health bar as well. If you’re walking, the light is decreasing but it would also cut it down if an arrow hit you. I was playing with this but then I couldn’t accept it since torch is deadly important and I can’t allow players to lose light just like that –> 2nd idea.

2. Idea (accepted) – Let’s have a health bar…and the torch bar. When your torch is turned off, health bar would be active. This means that enemies can’t get your flame but they can lower your health. If you’ll have flame active and something hurts you, magic flame will defend you at the cost of the light. What’s more important to you, light or health? It’s your choice! Switching between the two will have a cooldown timer so you can’t use the system to trick some enemies.

That’s it for the week. I’m sure there’s much more I forgot to mention but I can’t help it. There’s just so many thing going on right now. Thanks for taking your time and please, if you like what you see, please, share the game with others.

Have a great week(end), until next time! :)