News from the development

There’s much going on lately and so I couldn’t post any news in a while but there’s a progress, as always. I have first few playable maps in the game which I want to show you so badly but I’ve decided to wait and release thematic video previews (3 of them precisely) showing each thematic including the music from the game.

Oh, about the music! Today I’ve received a new piece from my composer for the first thematic that will start playing when your flame gets lower. It adds so much to the ambient, believe me – tested & implemented wink

Next to that, lights got it’s colors fixed so it’s not pure white (look at attached image ) except for the player’s light. Oh and there are rats and other lurking critters which won’t harm you, just surprise you here an there.

Game is growing and growing. Small details makes the journey trough the crypts very enjoyable. Stay tunned!