Weekly recap from the Crypts #2

BlodyavengerDevelopment2 Comments

Two weeks are around and I’m here with fresh report from the development.

Map designs from the vacations

Last week I’ve returned from my vacations and I had great time. Part of it I used for
working on map designs (lying on the beach under the pine tree had great impact on me for sure). Result is that now I have all designs ready for all the maps in firs thematic, including boss.

New enemy in mind

I found out that I definitely need another enemy with range mechanics while designing these maps but it will stay a secret for a while (if you don’t look closer at the map design on the right that is).

Courier of the Crypts on SGD Demo

On friday I’ve mentioned on twitter that I’ll have Courier of the Crypts ready for testing on Slovenian Game Developer’s community Demo Event. It went quite well, people liked it but game had one big bug due to bug fixing night before (TIP: When you want to show your game somewhere, leave it as it is. Fixing destroy things!) – character didn’t move after you reached next map. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures of people playing, next time I guess.

part of level selection screen

 Now, back to the map development so I can replace broken wall in the level selection screen with a tomb!