After the long break

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As you could see, I haven’t posted any updates on the game for a looooong time and many are asking about the Courier of the Crypts, how is it going, if I’m still developing it etc. so this post should be about this past silence.

In past 2 months I haven’t done anything for the project due to the lack of time. As some of you know, next to my hobby game development I’m working for the game development company and we had quite a long crunch time which took me lots of energy and that’s just one thing. With the end of September I’ve moved to a new flat and I had to do all the moving. Because this isn’t nearly enough I’m continuing my last year of study which requires lots of dedication in order to finish all the projects and tasks that we get.

So, you can imagine I had barely a day free and if I had it, I’ve used it to get out or play games (relaxing in general) or to visit family in my hometown. I had zero power for the Courier so this is it.

Today is the first weekend in 2 months that’s free for me. I have no obligations from friday to sunday and guess what, it’s Courier of the Crypts time! At the moment I’m working on the boss fight and it’s just cool to be back.

Soon…very soon there will be more updates, game is moving forward once again!