I’m am prepared for the Ludum Dare 25

I’m am prepared for the Ludum Dare 25

In time of writing, there are 5 hours and 55 minutes left until Ludum Dare starts. I can’t tell you how excited I am at the moment. I still need to take some rest before the start like 2 or 3 hours because when Ludum Dare starts, it will be 3AM here so….yeah.

Anyway, today I’ve made some shopping for the catastrophe supply, finished¬†all important stuff for school, zipped TIGSource Advent Calendar entry (for 17th) and prepared my framework for Ludum dare. It was a long day.

Part of weekend supplies (tuna, milk, coffe, olives, pizza, spagheti, tea, marmelade, junk food, salami…)¬†

View from my Ludum Dare weekend throne!

To bed now and when I get up, it’s time for show time!

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