Short updates – fixes, changes, additions

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I hope you liked short development video about pixel particles. Now, wait few months for next video. Nah, just kidding. New video is coming quite soon but until then I have short updates for you.

  • spike traps remastered – sfx, gfx and mechanics so I can make interesting patterns
  • when you walk in water Courier’s feet goes under water so it looks more realistic ( for pixelated world that is)
  • checkpoint implemented
  • new deadly mechanisms (traps, devices…) designed and yes, you’ll hate them
  • pixels freshly new and some of them remastered
  • spring code cleaning and filling memory leak holes

As you know, all pixel art had to be fixed from 32×32 to 40×40 resolution but I haven’t done all of it yet and I’m changing everything step by step. Before I had this simple exit that wasn’t really standing out so I’ve decided to do something more majestic for Marble Halls part of the game. Something that you’ll be happy for when you see it in the distance hopefully. Here, look at the comparison between new and old.



 It’s still not finished for I have to play more with that light shining out of the lower level. Maybe some nice glow with some pixel particles would do great. We’ll see what inspiration brings. What do you think?