Vote for Courier of the Crypts with RPG Bundle (Bundle In a Box)

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Today, new Bundle in a Box went live with 13 great indie RPG games. This bundle also supports indie dev grant – for every 100 bundles sold, 15$ will go on stack which will be given to one of the developers nominated for the grant and yes, I’m one of them with Courier of the Crypts.

If you are buying this bundle, you can vote for Courier of the Crypts since you are super awesome supporter of my game. Extra bucks would be more than helpful for the project (steam greenlight, composer, coffee…)

So, how can you vote?

1. Buy bundle

2. After buying a bundle visit your download page (you’ll get an email with the link) and scroll down


3. Check radio button next to Courier of the Crypts and click “Vote”



That’s about it!

Of course, there are many other nominees and if you like something else over my game, please feel free to support other developers. If you are still sure about voting for my game ( you should be! ) then you’re the best and I’ll high-five you 5 times if I meet you. Thanks in advance for your support everyone!