Wednesday Recap #10


Look at that picture above. This is part of the main menu screen which is work in progress. As much as this picture is unfished that much my overall design (story, maps…) lacks. I have lots of things done, planned but it is sitll not enough. So I’m concentrating on my design notebook to work on details and map progression and content.

Yes, this week was more about planning (notebook & pen) and thinking about tools I need to implement for map editor. Get ready, this post contains lots of text!

Planning / Designing / Sketching

I know since the start what the story is about. How will I start it and end it – it’s all down on black and white. Then, panic arised – ” what the hell man? You are working on the game that’s in the crypts. Do you realize you have to make at least 30 maps in the crypts? Players will quit after few maps, it’s depressing! “

Then I got figured it out how can I make everything not-so-cryptish. That’s great! Well…yeah…but environment is one thing, fun and immersion is something else. I need to make maps great, those were populated once with the sect members and all the devilry. Player has to feel that and I can’t just make some random maps with ilogical placement of objects. This game is nothing like randomly generated dungeon crawler. I need to fill the holes, point of the maps etc.

What I’m working on now is this exactly – shaping out the reason for existance of the maps. Story behind every one of them, getting down as much details as I can and working on elements. I need everything down, I have to start living down there and walk through the corridors.

Let me give you one good example – Statuette of the goddess – cleanser of souls

In one of the maps (it has to do something with sacrifices) you’ll find quite a big lady statuette standing on the skulls. Through the books / parchments you’ll learn it’s purpose. It’s the cleanser of souls where people were cleansed before being sacrified for X reason. (yes, X reason will be revealed in the game). You’ll have to activate water flows around the map to activate the silhuette. After that, water will start flowing out of the statuette into the floor and heavy stones will move infront of you and passage will be revealed.

waterladyThis is just a qucik skecth for you to get an idea. I would like to get down details like that which are very important for immersion. I would like to let player know about the place with every room and stone placed.

Teaser: somewhere along the journey, River of Life will cross your way(Dr. Phibes anyone?).

Developing tools

mapeditor_barLike 6 months ago, I’ve destroyed the whole game to pieces to change the map editor and structure of maps, just to get more options, which I did. There were few things I didn’t consider though and I have to make up for that now. I won’t destroy everything now, I just have to add few functionalities like Light Editor. I have all light types hardcoded right now and I need more and more different types of lights right now. And believe me when I say that it’s no fun adding or modifying new type of light in the code. I want to have map editor for that where I can set all the attributes for the light and see the effect from map editor instantly. It will save me lots of time and it will be much easier to create perfect lighting in the map.

Also, I’m changing few other things in the editor that I won’t bore you with but this is needed so I’ll be working on this next few days. Expect previews next week.

So, this is about it for this week. I’ll be working more on these stuff in the coming week(s). Too bad I can’t deliver you more visuals now but this time had to come. Since I’m the lone wolf, I have to work all parts out with the time given.

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I haven’t stated this here before but – Thanks a lot for your support everyone! Who is “everyone” you ask? You! The one reading this and everyone else following my development. Yeah, you rock! bigsmile