Wednesday Recap #11

BlodyavengerDevelopment3 Comments

Last time I’ve mentioned previews of the light editor and here it is, in video form! The basic idea behind it is getting rid of hardcoded light types and make my life easier. Light editor will do that for me. Also, I can see lighting effects on the fly in map editor, if that’s not just nice.

Here, take a look at the video while listening to my blabbering.

This is ONE thing. Second one is the title screen which I’ve worked on a bit more. Thanks to my brother for reminding me that I haven’t posted any updates about it here. I did only on IndieDB site and Twitter, woops.

As you can see, mummy is up on it’s feet and everything looks much more lively I think. It’s still work in progress of course – original image is much bigger, with spider crawling down the walls and..and more. My goal with the image is to get close the old school games like Commander Keen and Crytal Caves. I always loved those.

Also, I won the Indie Dev Grant @ Bundle in a Box – Official announcment here 😀
I won’t thank you YET for all the great help and support for I have to prepare special thank-you-note first. It has to be at least as cool as you are. Tomorrow then.

Tell me, do you like main menu image so far? What about lighting, do you have any extra suggestions on that? I would love hearing from you, so feel free to comment 🙂