Wednesday Recap #14 – Thursday edition

Welcome to Wednesday Recap – Thursday edition!

Yes, this week was full of stuff…kinda. Honestly, there was less than I was preparing for but I was stressing out everything too much and the result is this late and humble post.

Screenshot Saturday

Dialogues on scene (WIP) – click for full resolution


Some changes & new art



I’ve changed Old Hag’s cottage a bit more and it still needs more changes like more dead animals, spider net and some other creepy stuff.

Pond got some junk in it and a tiny pier which is used by the hag to throw off…trash or something?

Dead trees – place wasn’t creepy enough. Autumn leaves, fog, crows, wheat…and now dead trees. One on the left even resambles a face if you look closely. There will be more variations though.

Grave Digger in action

Grave Digger - animated

Grave Digger – he is working hard to finihsh…something. I won’t spoil you everything. What do you think of it? He should resemble this plague mask. I hope those pixels resembles that in some way.

This is it for this week. I hope you like it and if you have an idea or something to criticize – do it, let it out smile

Until next week!