Wednesday Recap #18

My lovely wednesday! Here I am, once again smile

I’ll start with honest statement – I wasn’t really productive this week. There we go, I’ve said it! I’ve been really tired every day and I hardly got anything done. I skipped #screenshotsaturday again which isn’t good for my exposure. I had almost everything ready but unpredicted stuff came into my schedule. I must get myself together and start with full force once again, starting tomorrow. Also, I need to sleep more and kill some stress, that should help as well.

Now, to the point – what was done this week anyway

Wannabe #screenshotsaturday entry

Courier in storm animation








I wanted to show few seconds of the Courier on his way to the Old Hag in stormy weather. I’ve added water drop splashes but it’s really hard to see them in this gif animation. I’ll also need to add some fog here as well as more splashes.

Introducing Golems (prototype name) for the first time 

I’ve shared quite some info about current enemies in the past but there was silence about it for some time due to the storyline map development. So this may be a bit more interesting.


I had golems in my game for a really long time but you meet them kinda late in the game. As you know, I don’t have content for the late game done and that’s the reason I wasn’t showing you anything about these. I was talking to my friend about the Courier of the Crypts the other day and got inspired to make some changes to that living piece of metal. I’ve changed the graphics and some other attributes.

golem_old_newWhen I first looked at the new sprite I saw Arthas in it. A bit different helmet, cloak and frostmourne would result in that for sure. Next to that, I don’t think it looks like golem too much but as I’ve mentioned, Golem is prototype name and when you hear me talking about golems, that’s what I have in mind.

Long ago, I’ve mentioned that almost every enemy acts differently – some are passive, others will shoot at you and some of them are invincible. Golem is one of the invincible enemies but it has it’s own weakness.


Can you read the trick out of this image? Golems were designed to block your way with heavy stone shield (part of the sarchopagus) in one of the hands. You could easily dodge them but in some cases you couldn’t – the only way to stop them was to throw oil urn into them. This would stun them for few seconds, just enough to go past them.

Stunning golems can be good in many ways which I won’t spoil or at least not for now. To make them a bit more complicated I’ve decided to add another element which is shield block. This is the new idea which isn’t implemented yet and I can’t wait to do it. If you’ll throw oil urn directly into his face, he’ll deflect the urn back at you. You’ll have to make sure to catch it off guard to stun him.

I hope you love the idea behind the golems and graphics. Graphics are still WIP but it is an improvement.

Storyline map progress

minimapThere is not much to show here right now and most likely I’ll stop posting screenshots about that for a while because I really don’t want to spoil everything about it. I’ll shop you my humble minimap (my first minimap in gamedev career) resembling storyline map. Don’t laugh at it please, it’s mearly a tool to help me navigate from one side of the map to another. And no, this isn’t minimap for the game – you won’t have one in the game tongue

If you remember church scene I’ve shown you a while ago, that’s the yellow area on the minimap. Just to imagine it. Some places are not connected and that’s because there are some transitions in there from one place to another.

This is it for the week – I’ll keep working on the storyline map for now. My plans are telling me I should have been finished with it by now but I can’t help it. Let’s hope next week is going to be more productive.

Have fun everyone and may the weekend comes soon!

  • Tomaž Vovk

    I think that shield block idea for the golem is awesome, it makes them much harder. I can see the smiley on minimap :D

    • Thanks bro! :) That shield block gives me even more option for cool and nasty tricks.
      Haha, that’s the purpose of the smiley on the map – purpose achieved ;)

  • sIPX

    c’mon man… there’s always ups and downs. get a bit distance and it will be good soon. ;) your game looks soo great! if you need a little help or further motivation, just contact me (+SeraphimIPX).

    • I know, it would be boring with only “ups” right? ;) Thanks a lot for the motivation and offer, I appreciate it. Also, it keeps me going in my downs.