Relaxing music list

Relaxing MusicOur lives can be very stressful sometimes and music can help you calm down. When I’m working, be it game development, studying or cleaning, I like to listen to various type of music but I always prefered soothing pieces. People at Indie Game Developers group on facebook started a conversation about relaxing music so I’ve decided to finally make a list of music where everyone can find it. I hope you’ll find it useful as well, whatever you’ll be doing.

“Life is so much easier when you just chill out”

  1. General relaxing
  2. Game soundtracks
  3. Other Sites

1. General relaxing

  “Do your work and don’t be stupid”

2. Game Soundtracks



 “When I work I relax”

3. Other sites

Di thumbnailDigitaly Imported is a simple music streaming page where you can browse through rich channel collections from Russian club hits to Chillout music.
Muszc thumbnailMuszc is a great place to explore new music. Adjust genre sliders to your likings and random music of that genre mix will pop up.
SoundrowCoffee shops, birds, waves, fire and rain. In Soundrown you can combine any of these ambient nature sounds by your likings and relax. It goes really well with relaxing music as well.


List is not final and I’ll do my best to add more music over time. I would also like to say that if you like the music and you can buy it somewhere, do that. Authors deserve that.

Now, go back to your busy days and don’t forget to relax wink

 “The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it

  • Dread_Boy

    I’ve never commented on this blog but I think this post is perfectly suitable to start. I usually listen to this website: since I do more if I’m hyped. I usually choose Faster tempo and start coding. When I don’t want random and unknown songs, I open up my Soundcloud stream and enjoy. Over time I’ve collected quite a few EDM songs which I like to keep in special playlist “EDM for coders”: Check it out, you might find something interesting. ;)

    • I’m so sorry for replying so late but I postoponed and forgot. I’m really glad you’ve decided to comment here for the first time ;)

      I’ve checked “getworkdonemusic” and I must say it’s indeed good music for work, especially if you’re on the peak of working-power. I’m sure people will find it useful for work :)

  • Ollie

    Thank you for that list <3