Courier of the Crypts – Demo, Indiegogo and Greenlight

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I want to announce that Courier of the Crypts is finally on Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight. There is also a demo preview version ready for you to download. I’m a bit late with announcment but I was really busy for the past few days with the preparations for the campaigns and game festival where I’m having my booth at this very moment.

Indiegogo | Greenlight 

Indiegogo is already 18% funded and not even 2 days passed.. This is just great because it’s obvious I have lots of fans supporting me and looking forward to the game release. THANK YOU everyone!

RebootInfoGamer 2014 – Courier’s first booth

The battle goes on, I’m far from the project being funded so I have a long month infront of me. Expect live development streamings in next month as well.

So please, pledge, vote, talk, yell and spread the world about the Indiegogo, Steam and the demo, help me get the word out.