Courier of the Crypts – no funding, future?

IndieGoGo Failed

Few days ago, on 11th of November, the Indiegogo campaign for the game failed with only 33% funded (3,342€). Like some of you I’m a bit bitter about the outcome of the campaign as well. Was I prepared for fail? Of course, but I’m optimistic type of the person and I had high hopes for the game. For about a week or so I disappeared to relax from 2 months of rush, to get my mind straight and prepare for the future. I got many messages asking weather I’m ok. Yes, I’m ok and ready to kick ass, thanks for your concern smile

This is just one failure of many yet to come. Let me remind you that great things also happened ;)


First of all I would like to thank you all for the amazing support I was getting throught the campaign. Retweets (Twitter folks, you are really amazing!), shares, articles, motivation, suggestions and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you all. I know for sure now that I have a lot of people ready to support me and the game and that’s a lot!

I wanted to mention some names that helped me in this 2 months madness but there would be too many and I wouldn’t do the justice to others that helped me a lot as well.
New web site, pre-demo build testing, grammar corrections, campaign guidence, suggestions, understanding, love, motivation…all of this helped me keep me going. You know who you are and thank you so much!


Steam Greenlight
Crowdfunding failed, yes but I should remind you all the the game got Greenlit in 2 weeks which is amazing. It didn’t even reach top 100 when it got accepted.


Rebot InfoGamer festival (Croatia)
I yet have to write an article about my experience at the festival but with few words – it was amazing. In the first week of the campaign I was at the festival showcasing the game at my very first game booth. It was a really great experience and I’ve got a nice exposure.

I recognized a lot of mistakes I did with the game in general. Most of the mistakes are part of the marketing – people don’t know what the game is about from the video / description. I should work more on that for sure. I’ll write more about that in the next posts.

I don’t know the exact number but I’ve got a lot of new followers on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Google+ which is always great. Lots of sites were writing about the game and there were also quite some Let’s plays & Streams in the time of the campaign which is really awesome. I’m sure the world heard for the Courier of the Crypts now wink

Feedback on the game
I was afraid of this if I’m honest – after almost 4 years of the development I gave the demo out to the world and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Of course, internal testings were ok, people liked it but those were friends, family etc. but you know, the real feedback starts in the cruel world. And it was more or less amazing! People liked the game mechanics & ambient, which means a lot to me. I got a lot of great suggestions which will be considered for sure. It’s obvious my writing sucks and I’ll give that part of the job to another person to shape the dialogs and writing throughout the game. I’ll write more about that as well in the future post.

There’s much more of the positive stuff but I really want to keep this post short as much as I can

Financial crisis
The only problem I see with the campaign failure is that I won’t get the finances I need to finish the game. Now I need to start operation PLAN B


First of all I need to take care of myself and get some money back in to my account. I’ll take some to do freelancing as well as Asset Store material so I can get going. I’ll try to work on the game at the same time to keep it rolling.

EarlyAccessI need money and I need to keep working on the game. Getting a full time job would move the release date to 2020. I don’t feeli like doing another crowfunding campaign and although there are others options I’ve decided to go with the Early Access. With this option I can start selling the game while gathering feedback from the players. For me this seems the most reasonable option to pick since I’m already greenlit. For now I’ll be working on the game until I get like 1/3 of the content done and after that I’ll be releasing it as an Early Access. I’m already working on the game again fixing the engine issues players had while playing as well as some other stuff. More of that in the next blog post as well wink

I could really write a book about the last 2 moonths so this was really rough about everything. I’ll write another article about the campaign soon. I’ll share with you what went wrong, some statistics, how was I preparing for it, what would I change and stuff like that. I’m sure everyone can learn something from the experience of others.

Thanks again for supportig me, cheers wink

  • Congratulations for the work done so far! I think early access can be great, but why was the indiegogo campaign a fixed one instead of a flexible one? You were planning to keep working on the game anyway, so those money could have been useful now.

    • Hey Jose, thanks a lot :)

      Why did I choose fixed funding: first and foremost it’s hard to promise anything to pledgers including the date of release when you’re not sure if you’ll be able to make it. Getting any money would force me to open a company which has its own costs – ~250€ / month. In case I would get 3000€ I would still need to do extra work to finish the game and that may cause huge delays in the development. I wanted to gather the funding which would make it possible for me to work on the game without delays, fully concentrated. That’s the main reason.

  • Mark

    Keep following your dream! This is just a small bump in the road – the asset store is a great way to make a little extra cash and gain some exposure for your work. Let us know when the early access is available!

    • Thanks Mark, your words means a lot to me. Yeah, small bumps like these won’t stop me from finishing the game :) I’ll do my best and put some more stuff on the Asset Store and we’ll see how that goes. For now it looks nice.
      Yeah of course, you’ll know for sure when it gets available for the early access.

      Thanks again Mark, cheers!

  • I supported the game because I really liked it. But early access? My personal experience with early access games: I tested them, couldn’t finish them because of bugs or bad gameplay and when they finally were released, I had no ambition left to play them again, because I was so disappointed. A game should be released in a “finished” state, not as an Alpha. I just hope the early alpha doesn’t “kill” your game.
    So, why don’t you find another developer and build up a team? There are plenty out there who could/would help.

    • Yeah, I totally understand your concern. Sadly, there are lots of games in terrible state which let the players down just like you desrcibe. I know, I would rather release it in the finished state myself but it’s best option I could go with right now. And it’s not an easy decision.

      I don’t have any intentions to release a broken / poorly done game out on Early Access. I’ll work hard on it to get quality content done. Also, I want players to keep their profiles throught updates so they can play the game as it’s meant to be played with a bit longers pauses between the content updates.

      I know I could get a team but this takes much more effort. I’ll have open spots for some devs but only for some tasks. Also I need money and not going on early access means I would have to work or try with another crowfunding / investitors.

      So, I’ll do my best to give out quality instead of game in the alpha state. It won’t be alpha – it will be a beta of the game released in 3 steps – episode by episode.

      I’ll do my best not to screw everything up :)