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Week is around and I must say that I’ve done lots of progress:

  • Map development & tiny details
  • Full controller support implemented
  • Resolution issues & solutions
  • Relics
  • Future for the Courier of the Crypts

Dig in my friends 😉

 Map development (spoiler warning)

You know I was redoing old maps because of the engine changes. Well, all of the maps are (re)created and I started to work on 1st map of the game where you’ll learn basics. Those of you who tried early preview demo know that it was hard to understand how everything works, mainly about the torch system. Well, you’ll learn this in 1st gameplay map through semi-scripted sequence. When you’ll get to the corpse at the starting room you’ll get a “vision” of what happened in the crypts.

Is this place familiar to you? ;)

Is this place familiar to you? 😉

This is where you enter the sequence of Deagurd, owner of the skeleton you’ve just found. You’ll get a glimpse of what happened down there. Also, you’ll learn that losing all the flame will draw dark spirits to you – you’ll lead the cultist to the very room where he died. Here’s a sneak peak from the scene.

Just what is trying to get through those doors? (enable sounds on vimeo video)

Full controller support implementation

Although I had some basics done a while ago, the movement still had some troubles and not all stuff were implemented like rumble effects. That’s right, if you’ll be playing with controller, you’ll be experiencing rumbles on earthquakes, explosions and other noisy stuff. That’s already fully implemented and it’s working great. Once you try it you won’t be able to switch back to keyboard. Do you see those doors being hit by someone/something? Well, if you’re somewhat close to those doors, you’ll feel easy rumble. It adds a lot to the experience for sure.

All that’s left is to add some settings to the options (once I get options menu done) where you’ll be able to disable rumble and hopefully remap keys.


Lots of players complained about old school 4:3 resolution in the early demo preview. With pixel art it gets a bit more complicated when it comes to resolution so I didn’t put much effort into that. Until recently anyway…I’ve decided to 480×270 canvas (16:9) which I’ll upscale to appropriate resolutions. 4:3 and 16:10. Last two will have black borders most likely because otherwise I would have to gameplay area which wouldn’t be fair.

Gameplay area - 480x270 before 200% scale

Gameplay area – 480×270 before 200% scale

Minor map details

With new texture / tileset objects system I’ve implemented to the engine I can craft some realy nice stuff without making extra entries to the tileset. Here are two examples of crafts. At first it may look nothing special but for example I couldn’t place flag like you can see on the right and I wouldn’t be able to build such a nice pile of stone bricks on the left. I really want to show you more crafts but I don’t want to spoil everything.



You know those blue skulls you were gathering in the preview demo? Well, I’ve made some improvements on that. In each map there’ll be 3 pieces to gather and let me remind you, it’s only extra for your map perfection (100%, yay!). That skull was a bit weird so I’ve decided to make 3 different pieces – a skull, a ribcage an some crossing bones. I just feel like it makes everything more interesting like “Oh hey, I’ve found a skull and bones but I still don’t know where the ribcage is…“.

Some of you were asking me about those relics and what is their purpose. Well, next to perfection system there is something else I would like to do with them but I’m still shaping out the idea so I’ll wait before giving you some lies ok?

Future of Courier of the Crypts

In last few weeks I was considering many options where to go from here – should I start another crowfunding, should I get a job and finish it slowly, try indie-fund program or just go out with early access version…well, early access is the options I’ll go with. Very soon actually but I’ll let you know in a week or two when and how will it available. I’m not entirely satisfied with this options because I would really like to put out finished and polished project but at the same time, this will hopefully support my development. Also, getting feedback as I developed the game is another great perk of early access.

I really hope you like what you’ve read and saw tonight. Comments are more than welcome 🙂