DevBlog – details & maps reconstruction

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Hey everyone! First of all I would like to wish you all a happy new year ūüėÄ

I haven’t posted anything in a while because I was still relaxing and working on the game or better said engine in silence. There isn’t much progress game wise but due to changes mentioned in the previous develoment post I had to reconstruct some stuff along the way.

You may have noticed that I didn’t¬†use¬†Wednesday Recap in the title this time and most likely I won’t be using it again in the future because it doesn’t make much sense if I always miss wednesday, even if for just few hours.

Maps annihilated & reconstructed

Because I’ve changed tileset sizes (50% smaller) and how I render some of the stuff in the game I couldn’t use old maps at all. I wanted to write a quick converter but I couldn’t find a way to make this work so¬†I went through the whole map building process once again. With tho map editors opened the works went quite fast but I’ve changed some parts along the way and added more details.

Here is the part of the storyline map and those of you who played the demo know this part. I’ve tried to make this part more interesting by making the road running between two cliffs rather than straight down. I still need to add few lights to¬†enhance the ambient though.

Map before


Map after


Map editor changes


There were few smaller changes and additions to the editor but this simple red¬†border is worth mentioning for sure.¬†It¬†marks the camera view in the game which helps a lot with map design. I can easily arrange placement of important objects, rooms and camera movements for the animated sequences without worrying about the different resolutions. This is the maximum area you’ll be able to see in the game.


  • I’ve changed the font for the dialogs
  • Made some changes to the gold pickups (different coin piles with correct gold value)
  • Smooth camera movement that follows with a slight lag
  • GUI details
    • Numbers font changed to look more interesting
    • Pixel particles after gathering gold. More gold you pick, more particles are thrown from the¬†pile. It feels really nice.


Programming and debuging

  • I had to update lots of code because of the engine updates and while doing that I’ve done some changes and additions as well
  • Debugging can take a lot of time and because of that I’ve added few functionalities like displaying bounds and positions.

These engine changes took me much more time than I’ve anticipated but I’m quite ready to continue with the development of new maps, yay! I’m glad changes I’ve made to the engine were not in vain because I was really worried if I’m doing another step in the “never-ending-dev-hell”. I can craft some nice looking pieces now to break that tile-bound feeling and sprites are sorting themselves out just nice.

Until next time ūüėČ