DevBlog – main menu preview (video)

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In the last few days I was working on the main menu for the first time next to some other stuff. I’ve always wanted to have a menu with great ambient where players can get immersed instantly. It was a tough call what to make for the first thing the player will see but after few sketches and mockups I came up with this idea.

This is a first bare look at the main menu. Music will be different and more details and changes will be applied to it. Watch the video in fullscreen and HD if possible 😉

What will be added and changed:

  • Crow will be landing on the branch, doing some looking and shaking animations and flying away
  • Polishing fog and clouds in the distance (more smooth, some transforming etc.)
  • New music & ambient sounds
  • Adding more details to the foreground hill (the one with the tombstone)
  • More random details

To me, main menus are very important because it’s the first thing about the game you see. I see lots of games that have some static main menues while the game has potential to bring something great there instead. I like menus as a player and that’s why I’ll do my best to make it as awesome as possible 🙂

Step-by-step GIF animation


I just toght you might be interested in how the main menu was done from basic color shapes to the version I have right now.

Clouds over moon details & lights

I don’t know if your eyes caught that in the video but if you look closely, when the big cloud gets over the moon everything gets darker except the tombstone and lights from the crypts. That makes a great contrast to the scene and adds some great ambient.

Another detail are the lights from the crypts and those on lanterns next to the road. They are slightly animated, just enough to add some soul to that piece.


I hope you like the direction I took with the main menu. Changes will come but for now I’m glad I’ve came this far with it and personally I’m quite satisfied. I can’t wait to see it finished with new music and sounds. Tell me what you think about in the comments, I would like to hear your thoughts.

Cheers! 😉