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When I was a kid, I was playing many games that touched my heart, soul or whatever you want to call it. That feeling stayed with me to this very day. Most of the games that I’ve played in the past few years didn’t touch me at all although they may be unique, fun, relaxing or beautiful. However, there are still games to be found that can move my gaming heart and leave a seal on it. Those are the games that I want to write about in the upcoming Indie Impressions series.

Let me answer some questions that may arise:

Q: Why are you doing this?
I considered writing about my game impressions many times but I simply don’t have time for that. Lately I was playing L’Abbaye des Morts which made me go all crazy because of all the excitement. This pushed me to start writing about the games that makes me feel like this.

Q: Do you really have time for that?
Not really but there are also not many games that makes me want to write about. Who knows, there may be one in few months. You see, that won’t take away my precious gamedev time.

Q: What is the purpose of these impressions?
First and foremost I need to write my feelings about the game down. It is good if I can share my thoughts with others at the same time. What was so spectacular about the game that moved me? I’ll do my best to give you the explanation.

Q: You are game promoter!!!
Not at all. My goal is not to persuade you to play the game. I’ll just write down subjective opinion about the game and explaing every piece that touched me. This is by no chance a review or suggestion.