Courier of the Crypts Pre-Orders opens on February 17th

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In less than two weeks I’ll start accepting pre-orders for the Courier of the Crypts via Humble Store Widget. Get ready for the February 17th everyone! As I’ve mentioned previously, pre-orders will be opened until the early access release on Steam which will follow in 2 or 4 weeks max.

Why pre-ordering before the early acces?

  • Get a game for a discounted price (even lower than the early access)
  • Be in the credits as an early supporter
  • Get extra limited perks by picking silver or gold tier

All pre-orders will get Steam key once the game reaches the early-access phase. I’ll do my best to add even more options since I realize not everyone uses Steam as their primary platform.

Also, I want to use this blog post to tell you all a bit more about my plans and what will the early-access include because I’m sure you all want to know that.


Basic, Silver and Gold tiers will be available only in the time of pre-orders.

Why alpha funding?

I’ve decided to go with the Alpha Funding because I need to keep the development going instead of making it last for years. I’ve already used a lot of time and I’m quite sure I can finish it in 2015 with the funding. I could look for a publisher but at the end of the day I would rather see you having a word in the development of the Courier of the Crypts.

What to expect in the early-access?

If you were playing demo preview version from the November you’ll see many improvements and additions.

  • Main menu with full options menu
    • Fullscreen & more resolutions (widescreen, here I come)
    • Audio & Game options
    • Key binding most likely won’t be included at the very start
  • Underground crypt-world map
  • Improved storyline map
    • Part where you get the torch added
    • Already existing parts changed and polished
    • Better dialogs & character portraits
  • 3 gameplay maps
  • Full controller support
  • Checkpoints (although rare)
  • You’ll see more polishing in general

How will I develop the game through the early access?

I’ll be releasing 1 update per month (hopefully faster than that) which will mainly include new maps as well as bug fixes reported by players. New features and additions will be added along the way as well. What you’ll see in the early access will not be final since I’ll be changing the content along the way with you to make it as perfect as possible. I’ll be doing this until the release of a full game.

Each iteration is 1 month long.

Each iteration is 1 month long.

Another thing I want to mention is the player profile through the early access. I’ll do my best to keep your map progress and statistics stable through the development although all the progress will be cleared on the finall release of the game for sure.

Is there something more you would like to know? Am I going to see your name in the hall of the early supporters? Please let me know 😉

Have a great time everyone!