DevBlog – crypt map selection and more

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blog_cotc_mapselectionAfter pre-order preparations I moved on with the development and made quite some progress. The most noticeable is crypt map selection screen design which I’ll be implementing in the next week. I also did an update on the main menu options and other minor detail additions.

Crypt selection screen


Crypt map selection still waits to be implemented because it’s not an easy task and I was postponing this for a long time now. The thing is, the whole system is quite complex because I want to make an interesting map selection screen with lighting system in the corridors, destroying and building walls on map completition and much more. Because of the complexity I’ll be using the same format as I’m using it for the maps but it will still look different. On the image above you can see how will it look like and how the new maps and secret maps unlock. I can’t wait to implement the whole system to see the whole thing smoothly animated. Art is still WIP but let me know what you think about it.

Projectile trails

I always thought there was something missing at throwing stones and urns, it just didn’t feel ok. I’ve decided to add a slight trail to the projectiles and here’s the result. It looks and most importantly feels much better. It’s interesting how much can a small detail like this spice things up.




Spider die animation

Few days ago, all enemies exploded on death, even when you just stoned. I wanted to have normal deaths as well, you know, where body stays on the ground without all the parts going boom.

I implemented seperated death types – brutal & normal. Brutal death happens when enemy health goes below 0 on damage received. If it’s 0, enemy dies “peacefully”. I need to add new animations though for all the enemies.


Main menu update

Last time I gave you the preview of the main menu but this time, I’ve implemented the whole UI System elements (check box, selector, label, image…) and added stuff to the options menu. Here’s a quick vine preview. Settings gets saved and are loaded when you start the game next time. I still need to add more stuff like controls option and stuff like that but the most important stuff is there.

That’s it for the news! Courier’s new portrait is done but few more variations are being made so I’ll be posting this next time. As always, let me know what you think.

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