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Back in November, when I released a demo-preview version of the game lots of people tried the game out. Most of the comments were extremely positive but there were also some critics among which, the most common one was about the character portraits. I’ve promised you that portraits will be remade and so I went on a quest for a character portrait (pixel) artist and I found the perfect one.

I’ve contacted Matej (Retronator), the old friend of mine, who is not just a great artist but also an amazing person in general who I always looked up to. Guess what, he accepted the task, hooray!

He’ll be doing a complete remake of the character portraits from the demo-preview and few more laters hopefully. I’m really bad at character portraits and as you can see, they will be safe in Matej’s hands. Here you can see some work-in-progress from sketches to lineart.

Via Facebook - Matej Jan (Retro)

Via Facebook – Matej Jan (Retro)

No more childish/cartoony/anime styled portraits for you. I really love them because they feel alive, just look at the expression of the Pony deliver serivce Master 🙂

If you didn’t see or forgot how the old portraits (made by me) looked like, here’s the last preview of them.


Old character portraits (Courier and Master of Pony delivery service)


Like always, he’s doing timelapse of the portraits which we’ll share soon enough, together with the final version preview. I can’t wait to see new portraits in the game.
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Until next time everyone 😉