Pre-Orders UNLOCKED!


I’m happy to announce that Courier of the Crypts opened its doors for pre-orders.

Support the development by pre-ordering the game for a discounted price and gain extra perks as an early supporter. Every tier grants your name written in the credits as well as Steam key and DRM Free copy of the game when available.

>>> Check out details and PRE-ORDER today!

Pre-orders and extra perks will last until the start of the early access phase!

Early access is planned for the March 2015 with regular updates after that. Hopefully, the game will be finished in late 2015.

You can choose from 3 different tiers, each offering more perks.

cotc_preorders_tiersIf you have any further questions please let me know in the comments smile

  • Matthias Baur

    Is there any chance to get the Silver Tier via Steam later? I really want to support you and your game but I would prefer to buy your game via Steam because I have no PayPal account. Or will there just be the standard game without any extra perks later in the Early Access phase? I hope there will be something like the silver tier (a special edition or something).
    Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I still offer you help in German translation.

    • Hey Matthias, thanks for asking. Unfortunately all the perks and tiers will be available only with the pre-orders because that’s a special thanks to all early supporters. Later there will be only a standard game available, until the final release where I’ll consider adding a “deluxe” version with other stuff but that’s the future.

      You can pay through the PayPal even if you don’t have the account though – it accepts all the credits cards without registration if that helps in any way.

      Yeah, I have you in the contacts of ready translators, thanks a lot :)

      Thanks again for all the support, cheers!