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There was no blog post in a while because I was working on numerous fixes (bugs, crashes) and polishing details for the game. I’ve decided to write a new blog post mainly because I need to supply some information about Early Access because everyone who pre-ordered the game are wondering WHEN is that time of release.

Early Access news

First of all I would like to apologize for waiting so long. I know the original plan was late March / beginning of April but things got a bit more complicated and I had less time than I anticipated but I’m working hard to get the game done as it was meant to be.

If everything goes fine, 1st Early Access build will go live on 18th of May. That’s unofficial date but that’s what I’m going for at least.


Yesterday I’ve uploaded a test build on Steam to see how it’s done and now it’s up there and I can already download it and play it but it’s closed for everyone else so far.

I need to finish the last map that will be included in the Early Access and fix more bugs, balance stuff and polish things out. Zdravko is also working hard to polish out sounds and music. Next 2 weeks are going to be hellish for us but we’ll go through 😉

Everyone who pre-ordered so far – I’ll start sending out Steam Keys very soon, I just need to finish front page of the game on Steam.

Everyone who picked silver & gold tier: Graveyard map will come in the 1st Early Access update after the release. I really wanted to include it at the start but like I said, time got me again.

This is the time to pre-order the game if you have plans to buy it. Once it gets on Steam you’ll not longer be able to get the perks 🙂

Major Early Access TODO:

  • Finish one more map
  • Have a big QA testing session
  • Fix bugs and crashes
  • Prepare Steam game page
  • Make an Early Access trailer

Game updates

Resolutions and fullscreen

The game will offer only 3 pixel perfect windowed mode resolutions but the game runs well in fullscreen just on every monitor I’ve tried on so far (3:4, 16:9, 16:10) which is really great. I must say this took me quite a while to sort it out. Here is the picture to boast

CotC_TVI’ve tried the game on TV display in fullscreen mode with a Xbox controller and it plays absolutely great! I went almost through the whole build even though I have it over my head because couch 😀

 Controller updates & news

Good news are, that game works with PS controller as well. For now it won’t be supported visually like it is for Xbox (displaying which button to press etc.) but it works. I’ve also add some stuff like real-time swtiching between keyboard and controller. If you are playing with controller with rumble effects on and decide to start to move with arrow keys on keyboard, joystick won’t vibrate on your desk and disturb your inner piece.

 Perfection system


When you stand on the map node it displayes all the secrets and relics you’ve found along with the skulls which is some kind of pefection percentage  (1 skull = 20% completed). I’ll add the best time for finishing map as well later.

 Crashes & bugs

We found some more crash issues which I had some problems to solve. Remember devs, test your build in release mode often or you’ll suffer 😉

More bugs were encountered with pathfinding where spiders decided to ignore collision and run out of the map. Those stubborn spiders! There were more tiny bugs, some of them were game stoppers while others were just not cool and I still have quite a list of them to fix. That’s what it takes most of the time from me.

 Sounds & Music

Like I mentioned before, Zdravko is polishing out audio – sounds as well as music and it’s getting better and better. Old, placeholders are getting replaced slowly and new, more fitting music pieces are taking place. Here’s the 1st part of Marble Halls suit – from this smaller music pieces are done for different areas.

 What would the game look like without lighting


Nothing special here, I just wanted to show you the difference between lighting and no lighting 🙂


That’s about it really. It doesn’t look much but bugs, crashes, steam integration, fullscreen suport and such took me big part of the time.

I’m really sorry for the Early Access release delay but please, bear with me. I’m doing my best. Meanwhile, I have question for you – would you like to see some achievements in the Early Access or would you prefer to wait until the game gets finished?

Best to ‘ya! 🙂