DevBlog – Map update, AOE damage, Steam update

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Two weeks passed since the last DevBlog update and I’m sorry for that. I’m sure lots of you are waiting for more updates on Steam release since you’ve preordered the game and I have some good news about that as well.

In this development blog post:

  • AOE damage implemented
  • Reservoir map update (map from the early demo preview)
  • More polishing and bug fixes
  • Overworld and profile system updated
  • Steam submission resumed

 AOE damage implemented

CotC_AoeDamageOil urns and fireballs had no AOE (area of effect) damage for too long. That was planned from the very beginning but I never went through with the implementation. From now on, oil urns are going to be deadly for enemies, objects and for you because they will damage everything around it in some radius.

To explain a bit how it works:

Damage value on direct hit: 3 points (that’s just enough to kill spiders with one shot)
Damage value on 40-0% radius: 2 points
Damage value on 40-100% radius: 1 point.

Area of damage in action

Reservoir map update

For those of you where playing the early demo preview version, this is that map you were playing. I had to change a lot of stuff due to map format changes few months ago as well as map start and more. Map start had to change since the beginning is part of the 1st map and this is the 3rd one now. Here’s a screenshot to see the new start, nothing familiar right? 😉

Cotc_Reservoir_ThumbnailI’ve moved some secrets elsewhere to make things harder for you. I’ve also changed the boss fight a bit but I won’t spoil that for you now. General layout of the map is still there and so you won’t have problems navigatin through if you played it before in the demo. I still have to add checkpoints but honestly I’m having some troubles not making it too easy because we don’t want that, now do we? I also need to add more texts to read but I’ll leave that for the later phase.

More polishing and bug fixes

  • fireballs and oil urn explosions shakes camera and gamepad
    Shake on explosion
    I know, I know, throw player frame still missing, I’ll work on that soon.
  • more tiles drawn to add some variety to the maps
  • some new sewer graphics like doors
  • 6 months old bug where items and projectiles gfx disappeared fixed hopefully, not sure though. It’s one weird bug.

Eg. I’ve made a new staircase tiles to match the Courier’s size

Overworld and profile system updated

I’ve added some stuff to the profile like which secrets you’ve found already so when you find the exact secret again it says: “Secret already found“. I want to help completionists on their goal to find everything without going through the same secrets every time just to get that 100% done. So you can build your map perfection score over the time, round by round without going through the same secret every run.

I’ve also decided that you’ll be able to carry your ammunition with you to the next map because I don’t want to take all the ammo you’ve found in the secrets just to take it away from you at the end. So, if you make it through the map without using your ammo you’ll be able to throw an oil urn party in the next one.

Overworld got some minor gfx pieces as well as system update. From tests and updates that I’ve done it seems like it’s working well now:

  • If you quit the game and come back you’ll be placed at the map that you’ve quit
  • When you come back to the game, world map state is updated from your profile information.
  • On map finish, visual stuff unlocks

From the system side, all I have to do now is to implement locked / unlocked maps and that I block movement to locked maps. It’s a trivial matter but it still has to done.

Steam submission resumed

CotCSteamOn the left you can see the proof that Courier of the Crypts passed all the Steam paperwork and moved a step further from the Greenlight page. I already have the game in my library but I still need to set everything up and finish the game to send a build there. This month I had a lot of delays that I couldn’t act upon so the release is moving from week to week but I’m doing my best to get it up and running by the end of the month at earliest. This means I also have my Sole Proprietorship up and running so I’m officially a small businessman but I’ll have to work hard so I don’t close this up before it starts 😀

Anway, this is it for the week. If you have any questions post them below in the comments section. Until next week!