[Dev thoughts] A day after the release

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Well, it’s not really a day after but I thought the title fits the previous blog title “A day before the release” 🙂

4 days passed since the game launched on Steam Early Access and I get lots of questions about sales, crashes and how was the launch in general and I’ll be answering these questions and sharing more of my thoughts about everything.

First of all I must tell you how happy I am to see my game finally released on Steam even though it’s in the Early Access phase. I guess that’s what every game developer dreams of? I know for myself that vision of my game on Steam helped me to push harder when I didn’t feel like doing game develpoment. I was always watching other titles getting on Steam saying to myself, I’ll be there one day as well and here I am.

All doubts from the day before the release are gone by now, well, at least most of them. It was a great launch with a lot of traffic and as soon as I saw emails coming to my inbox I knew that it’s really working. There are 2 known crashes out of which 1 is already fixed and there were no other major bugs found so that’s a great one 😀


I must say that sales are going well so far if we take in account that I already sold quite some pre-orders and that it was released in Early Access with not much content available and with no achievements or trading cards. I also didn’t send any emails before the release and I’ve just started sending them a day after the release which means that sites are yet to write about it (hopefully).

What went wrong

  • Game crashes: one of them is crash on Alt+tab which I can’t reproduce and another is a really stupid one in the map selection that I’ve already fixed with small patch. Game shouldn’t crash just like that, even if it’s still in the Early Access.
  • Contacting media too late – slowly the exposure I get from the Steam will fade and the first few days are the most important. Because I didn’t have the time beforehand I had to send emails to media after the release (and I still have to send a lot of them) so I may have missed a bigger boom there but hey, I’m not rushing anywhere although I wish I could send those email before.


So far so good! I really didn’t know what to expect although I haven’t heared harsh and negative thing about the game so far (I hope everything was honest back then 😉 )

Reviews are nice and most of the people tells me it’s a lot of fun. There is one negative comment on the Steam forums saying that the game is too hard. Well, some things may not be explained in the best way but majority finds their way through the crypt halls without extra effort. Yes, people are dying but checkpoints will make things much easier.

I guess I’m doing something right here, it feels that way at least.



Right now the project is out and everyone who thinks the stress stops here is wrong because with the game out and money put into the project comes higher responsibility. I need to deliver more content without huge breaks in between and I need to fix stuff next to that so the journey continues.

Right now the only thing I’m worried about is the press and if they’ll cover the game on their websites. Well not just that, when it comes to media I’m always asking series of questions like “Did they receive the email? Did it go to spam? Did they receive it and think the game is boring to write about? Did I write the most boring email on this word?” in 99% cases you never know the answer if they don’t write about it so yeah…

Anyway, good news! I’ll be releasing the game soon on Itch.io and Humble Store as well so stay tunned if you don’t find Steam platform too inviting.

I’m really happy about everything but the work continues and I’ll be able to relax fully once the game is finally released in its full glory. That’s what I’ll call well deserved break 🙂

If you have any more questions please do let me know.

PS: I could use more reviews on the Steam – have you bought the game and played it? Leaving a review would help me a lot! 😉