[Dev thoughts] A day before the release

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So, I’ve decided to write few lines how I feel about the tomorrow’s release of the Courier of the Crypts on Steam Early Access. I pretty much have mixed feelings and a lot of thoughts next to tired eyes and mind.

Here’s the Steam game page if you missed it

First of all, I don’t think I realize the big step I’m taking tomorrow with the game. After 4 years of the development of a single game this is huge and maybe part of me still don’t realize that. Tomorrow, in the time of writing, game will be out in the world available to every player and this is something I’m really nervous about.

If you want to read more about mixed feelings, thoughts and my situation, read on 🙂

Here are some thoughts from my head:

  • Will people like the game?
  • I know the game is in the Early Access but is everyone expecting fully polished game with hours of content? I won’t have all that at the release…
  • I’m doomed if review section gets swarmed with negative votes even if I fix and add more stuff later.
  • Will people read descriptions where it says that not all content from the video is in the current Early Access version?
  • Will anyone notice the game at all?
  • Have I prepared badly? I didn’t do much about promoting the fact that this game is not roguelike dungeon crawler.!
  • I hope sales will be good so I can keep developing the game without taking lots of part-time jobs…but how well can the sales be anyway? It’s Early Access launch! People avoid Early Access because of the history with titles in that phae.
  • Oh, I have so many things to do before the release…should I take a nap or prepare another coffee? (I’ve decided for 5 minut rest and coffee – COMBO!)

Current feelings mixed:

  • Positive: happy, excited, proud — haxcitoud
  • Negative: worried, exhausted — worrxhausted


Like half an hour ago, Courier of the Crypts popped to the front page of Steam upcoming games and real-time views on Steam’s game page jumped from 4-8 to 50 visitors! That was a huge moment of excitment for me although it doesn’t mean a thing.

CotC_FrontMost of the visitors are from the US which is really great because that’s the public I’ve missed at the Indiegogo campaign in the past. Also, I’m sure most of these people never heard for the game before. I’m eager to see how many people put the game on the wishlist but I’ll have to wait for the stats release.

Btw. one of the game from Steam got un-published somehow and I’m out of the first page again, waiting to get back on.

At this very moment I’m fixing really, really stupid checkpoint bug causing stuff to disappear, deactivate etc. Thanks to everyone that requested a checkpoint in the game, you’ve made my night before the release pleasant! 😀

Few hours ago we did another testing run through the game to check for more issues and I must say I’ll not sleep much this night. There’s still a lot to do because I don’t want to let anyone down on the release. I want you to have fun and no WTF moments.

What happens tomorrow isn’t that important right now afterall. What I have to do now is to do my best to get the best version of Early Access to you as possible.

I need to stop writing now because checkpoint is waiting for me but before that I’ll take a short break – 5 minutes max and I’m back. Or should I leave checkpoints out of the game and release ’em 2 days after the release? Nah, I’ll give them to you.

I hope to see you in the Crypt tomorrow 😉

Back to the work and into the night!