Courier of the Crypts – Content Update #1

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First content update is live on Steam! It’s a bit smaller than planned but there is still a big map full of enemies, puzzles and secrets to be found. Also, if you’re afraid of spiders you’ll find this update suitable for you because Aracnophobic filter is in the game now!
Read further for content update details.

What’s new

Crypt Sewers – From the Reservoir, your path leads through the dark sewers where the spawn has risen from the smelly waters. Will you find your way out?
New enemy (slime)
Arachnophobic filter – Are you afraid of spiders? Do you find it a hard time hiding, running and fighting spiders? Fear not, go to options and turn on the filter to get something less spidy.
Rumble effects – You can now turn off rumble effects in options

Changes & Bug fixes

Tileset fixes where borders weren’t quite as black as the background.
Some sequences locked the player while the spiders could attack you. Sequences are now “safe zones”.
Dialog and scroll texts mistakes fixed.
Sewer tentacles will stay longer under water if you hit them.
Tiny map updates (tiles changed more or less)


• Checkpoints are still not done because the issue is even bigger than I thought. I won’t release anything new before this gets done though.
• This content update is missing one map that I’ve promised because it’s still not finished. I’m speaking about the Jail Cells here. After some tests I came to the conclusion that it is not what I want it to be. There was a big chunk of map that just didn’t fit right into the theme. I’m remaking that part with something really cool so it will be worth the wait. Quality over quantity right?
• Supporters Graveyard will take a bit longer because I want to push more content out first but it is on the priority list.

Have fun and sorry…because you’ll be dying down there!


Tell me, are you enjoying the game so far? Do you want something change? If there is something you would like to see in the game in the future just let me know. Every comment is much appreciated! Also, leaving a review on Steam helps me a lot so if you didn’t leave one so far I’m cheering on you to do so 😉

Thanks for all the support everyone!