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There was no development blog post in a while now. That’s mostly because I’m updating the game constantly and you can see all the updates & changes through the updates. There will be a bigger pause until the next update so I’m going to talk more about the next map and achievements – both will see the light in the next content update 🙂

Jail Cells

If you were following previous game updates you may know what is this map taking that long, if not, read on. I wanted to make Jail Cells more action oriented but just when the map was almost finished I found out that won’t work, at least not in that map. Jail Cells is a theme perfect for darkness, creepy moments which would be ruined with adrenaline action and I can do so much more with it if I remove the action part and so I did, deleting 50% of the map and changing it.


You’ve seen this before for sure. You’ll be able to visit that place soon!

Watch out, small spoiler ahead!
In this map you will find more about the mysterious cultists that you’ve seen in the dreams and learn just a bit more what were (are?) they doing in the crypts. If you’re reading the scrolls through the game then you know a bit more but if you don’t then you don’t have a clue about the history of the crypts. That’s why I need to include some more storyline in this map. You’ll also find new enemies and you may even learn how to summon the dead.

Is this a Salami machine? Body grinding machine? You’ll have to find out by yourself.

It’s going to be a really nice map, something fresh, something ever more ominous, something to play!


I was talking about the achievements long time ago but it was never high on the priority list. Now that the game is on Steam I can do this much easily. I know some of you don’t like achievements at all but for all of you who enjoy them, there will be quite some of them. I really don’t like grindy achievements so I’ll be adding some of them that will give you some extra challenge but don’t worry, I’ll add some casual ones like kill X spiders as well.

Since the game is in Early Access I won’t include all of them but there will be some to start with. Everyone who bought / will buy the game in Early Acceess will get a special one for trusting in me. It’s not much but it is something to show off with 😉

DRM Free versions won’t have achievements at this point because I need to do some extra work to implement UI for achievemnts and achievements database but at some point I’ll get there as well and you’ll have everything the game on Steam has. Worry not.

So, the first achievements will be available with the next content update which will be out by the end of the coming week or on the beginning of the week after that.

Reviews on Steam

If you bought the game and have it on Steam, your review would be the most helpful. Just few words will do. You don’t have to write something like the review below but hey, if you can, I’ll be extra happy 😀


Have you heard about checkpoints?

Checkpoints just got into the game recently so you’ll have less frustrations on your adventures. Here’s the video that was released with the update release.

Do you have Courier of the Crypts yet? No? You can get it on quite few storefronts:

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If you have I would love to hear your thoughts on the game. Critics, wishes, praises, everything works 🙂

If you want to see extensive review of the game, check it out on They’ve nailed it!