Courier of the Crypts – Content Update #2

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Second content update is live on Steam! Are you ready to uncover more secrets of the crypts? Do your best to find your way out of the Jail Cells.

What’s new:
Jail Cells – A dark place where terrible things happened in the past. You’ll learn a bit more about the hidden cult while trying to get out of this new map. There are also new secrets waiting to be found.
Achievements – This will be great for achievement hunters. There’s not many of them yet but more will be added and some of them will be implemented only with the full release. Enjoy the hunt 😉

Changes & Bug fixes:

You can’t attack slimes anymore after the explode.
Some of the maps got minor updates (lights, graphics…)
Some minor graphic fixes


I’m sorry for this big gap between updates but I was on a short vacation after a long time so I wasn’t developing for some time.

Next update

Next update will include a new map + new secret map that you’ll be able to unlock in one of the maps. So, the update may take a bit longer but it will be worth it.

In general I’m really satisfied with the latest update and I’m glad I didn’t release the old, almost finished Jail Cells map because that would be a really sad map.