Content Update #4 – Secret map & Competition

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I’ve updated the game with the part I was promising for the last update and that is the first secret map in the game. It’s awesome and it’s competitive and includes a 2 weeks competition.

Courier VS Zombies

This map is a tribute to the only kind of “dark” enemies I won’t have in the game – zombies. Lots of people asked me when will I include zombies but that will never happen. Zombies became too mainstream. Every made a game with zombies and because of that I started to hate them. They are not cool at all. Because of that, I’ve made a Zombie Gauntlet in the secret map.

In one of the 6 levels there is a second ending that will unlock and lead you to this hidden map. Use your eagle eye and exploration masteries because you’ll need them.


For the duration of ~2 weeks you’ll have a chance to earn a statue in the new upcoming map with your name and a free copy of a game for your friend.

What do you have to do:
• Find and unlock a secret map
• Be the first on the leaderboards by the end of the competition


Bug fixes, improvements & additions

• 2 new achievements
• Weird bookshelf scaled sprite in Library map is back to normal
• Missing collisions added to the Library map.
• Sprite draw order is fixed on some items
• Walls behind locks have a colored line resembling the color of the key needed.
• All sounds use master volume now
• Magic Orbs in the Jail Cells are working now after you respawn at the checkpoint
• Some triggers have bigger radius now.
• Spider egg removed from a secret in a Library Map

There are still some urgent bugs that needs fixing but that will come next week in a minor update.

Happy hunting for the secret map and may the best Courier wins! 🙂