Courier of the Crypts – Content Update #3

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Crypt passages led Courier from the Jail Cells to the Crypt Library. Do you have what it takes to find a way through the enchanted labyrinth?

What’s new

Enchanted Library – new map that will test your orientation and survival skills. It also has more secrets than any map in the game – more fun for the explorers.
New ‘weapon’ to use – Magic Seed – without a map, it is hard to navigate through the crypt complex like that. Secret brotherhood created something simple yet effective to solve that problem.
New achievements – 2 more steam achievements added.

Changes & Bug fixes

• Journey Begins achievement can be achieved now.


This update should include the first secret map of the game but it wasn’t ready for the release so I postponed it to the next week.

Next update

I’ll release a small content update next week with a secret map, few bug fixes and improvements. That will give you some hard time finding the secret ending in one of the 6 maps.

After the next small update Courier will move to the Crypt Cathedrale.

Please, if you find any bugs, leave me a note on the forums so I can fix it. Your help is much appreciated!