Dev blog: patches & future updates

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Development really took me away from regular blog posts so I took a moment to write an actual blog post, not just pasting patch notes. I’ll talk what I was working on recently and what is coming to the Courier of the Crypts.

Here are the latest patch notes if you missed them:

• Polishing & Details

There was no content update for quite a while now if we don’t count the new secret map. That’s because I was working on known bugs. I also took some extra time to add some polishing to the game. I don’t want to be one of those games that stay in early access like forever so I was rushing with planned content but polishing side was suffering. I want to let all the players know that the game will get improved quality wise. So, new, small details were added.

Checkpoint got small lights flying around it when it’s activated.

Some of the maps had an unlogical start (environment like). You started blocked by the walls behind you. How are you supposed to get there anyway? I’ve added entrances to those map so you won’t think you have a ghost powers.

crypt entrance changed

Entrance to the crypts got updates as well.

Good example is the crypt entrance. In the scene before that Courier is carrying a lantern and once he gets in, the lantern is misteriously gone. I’ve added it to the ground to make it more natural. Also, entrance path covered with dirt was added.

courier rocks dialog

New dialog added for the rocks.

Lots of people mentioned that there’s a lack of information how the rocks are used. I’ve added a dialog when you get the rocks for the first time hinting that you can attack enemies with them. Few more dialogs were added as well for a sake of immersion.

In general, all of the maps got polishing details added like particles, some boring corners got few more eye candies and so on. Players who played the game already may not notice that but it really adds a lot. I’ll be adding more of that stuff later but for now I’ll keep releasing more content.

• Bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs….

I had quite some bugs lately, especially with secrets found. You could abuse already found secrets to get all the loot again. You could have more secrets found than exists and more. There were also some game crashing bugs that hardly happened but they were there, waiting for me to smash them.

One really terrible thing happend as well. With the Steam update I accidentaly uploaded an empty profile which caused progress lost for every player that was playing on Profile slot 1. Or at least for those that opened the Steam in the time between the update and the first report. That’s something a developer can’t afford, it’s all wrong. Some people put in a lot of hours searching for secrets, trying to unlock everything. Although I can offer everyone a new profile that can restore their previous progress I’m still shocked about my mistake.

Lession learned – don’t rush with the update. Play it through 3 times and check all the files 10 times before sending it on Steam.

• Future updates

As you know, there will be 3 episodes in the game altogether and I’m near the end with the content for the 1st episode. I’ll have a new blog post soon talking about the 2nd episode which I’m most excited about.

candles animation

Right now I’m working on the next map which is The Cathedrale. I’m having lots of problems with this one and not because I don’t know what to do but because I want to add a lot more than I’ve planned. I’m not sure where I’ll stop but there are so many cool things to do that I don’t want to skip any of them.

cathedrale cloister preview

Cloister infront of the cathedrale.

All I can say is that the ambient right now feels amazing in there. Zdravko made some really awesome sounds and music for the map. Also, there are organs in the Cathedrale!

Map is almost finished design wise but I still have to implement all the events which will be hard because those events won’t be that small AND I need to implement a new enemy which will have some smarter AI. I never did smart enemy before so this will be a challenge for me but I’m looking forward to it.

cathedrale interior

Cathedrale Interior – exclusive screenshot for the readers 😉

The content update will go live next friday most likely. That’s the plan but you know how the game industry works. You never know what might happen.

After the Cathedrale maps there will be 2 more to finish the 1st episode. You won’t really notice the episode switch apart from the totally new environment. so don’t worry, this is not an episodic game.

It takes quite some time to complete all the maps there are in the game right now so I’m really happy where this is going. Hopefully, at the end of the “episode” you’ll already have ~ 2 hours of gameplay if you don’t keep dying and skip secret places.

The thing is I don’t really know how many hours of gameplay will be there. People are asking me that but I really can’t say. I always shoot “5 hours at least“. I’m sure there will be more than 5 hours now and it’s a good feeling knowing that.

There’s much more I want to write about but I’m ending this blog post here. Stay tunned for the content update next week 😉

PS: Have you found the secret map in the game yet?