Content Update #5 – Crypt Cathedral

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After a long time it is time for another content update. Courier managed to find a way from the magic library to the great cathedral of the crypts. What mysteries will he find there?

Next to a new map, there are also lots of improvements and some bug fixes to make the game better than it was. Continue reading for all the patch notes or you can check them out directly on Steam.

  • Crypt Cathedral map with new puzzles to solve and secrets to find. And who knows what else you might find in there.
  • Secret achievement added.

  • Magic Seeds – these can now be used as a weapon. When the enemy steps on them, the seeds activates damaging the enemy.
  • New music for some of the maps (Sewers, Library, Reservoir)
  • New music in map selection screen
  • New sounds (rats, player’s torch on/off…)
  • New battle music (eg. when fighting the wooden machine)
  • Out of ammo notifications.
  • Number 1 changed so you don’t mix it with 7.
  • Name Kalv mentioned in some scrolls changed to “Quiberon”.
Bug Fixes:
  • Avoiding trigger for starting cinematic in Jail Cells
  • Achievement ‘Saved by the Light’ was not achievable.
  • Texture bug that may happened from time to time.

I’m sorry for such a delay with this update but everything took time due to several reasons about which I’m going to talk in the tomorrow’s blog post. Development will procede smoothly from here on.

What to expect in the next content update
• New map Crumbling Halls
• Courier Upgrades! Yes, you’ll finally be able to use some of the gathered gold to make your journey easier for a while.

In one of the previous patches the game lost support for WindowsXP and that’s something I wasn’t aware of so I’ll be working on this issue as well.

Like I said before, you can expect a new blog post tomorrow about the curent state of the development, future and some other random stuff.

Until next time!