[Dev thoughts] State of Courier of the Crypts

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As you could see there was no blog post for about 3 weeks now. There was another big gap before that so I need to explain a bit what’s going on with the project and my life. Expect this post to be a bit longer but you may find some logical explanations for the mysterious gaps at least.

Finances – being an Indie Game developer on Early Access

A lot of people are still asking me how is the Courier of the Crypts going from the financial side and I’ll try to summerize this. At the beginning the income was ok and steady but with months it started to fall ignoring the spikes here and there. I had another source of income – freelancing & asset stores. Everything together brought me enough money to get through the months which is ok but not on the long term. I need to look forward after my life. I’ve already used plenty of time on the game and there are other stuff I love to do as well. I should have spent less time playing WoW in the past and doing more gamedev. Hmm….


We know there are more and more games comming out daily and Early Access isn’t the best way to profit from a project, especially when it comes to the project like mine – story based, linear progression, no random generated content, lots of content and so on. I’ve heard from lots of people they will wait with playing the game because they want to play it in one go just to get the most quality gameplay out of it. Early Access phase is taking longer than planned (obviously) and running a company with constant freelancing and developing the game was just too stressful.

And so, I’ve got a new full time job.

Full time job at Amo 2

Amo 2 is a young company which stands behind the successful mobile game title Swamp Attack (you can find it for Anroid and iOS here). One day they contacted me wondering if I would be interested to work with them and for me and it was kinda of no-brainer. After few meetings I knew this is it.


Swamp Attack in the action

I’m working with the team for almost 2 months now all together and I must say I’m not sorry at all for that decision. The team is really awesome, everyone working their best to bring out as great product as possible and this is something I want to be a part of (well, I am now). So, the next time you’ll play Swamp Attack remember, it has part of my soul as well now 😉

What happens with the Courier of the Crypts?

It will kick ass of course! Yes, I have MUCH less time than before and the situation is similar to the one year ago when I was at the previous job but it was always working. I have all the motivation I need and the best people around me to finish the game.

I’ve made few decisions for the game though becuase I really don’t want to use 20 more years to finish the game. The whole game idea is already too big and complex – too much story, writing, art, sequences, complex map design etc. and that’s why I’ve decided to cancel 1/3 of the game content from the plan so I can finish this devil once and for all.


Right now I’m closing to 50% of the game content if I’m accepting the change of the plan and that already can bring you 2-3 hours of gameplay if you don’t look for secret places and secret endings. With 100% of game content there can easily be 7 hours of gameplay which is acceptable for an indie game. Right?

To make you feel better, the game is and will be awesome. I’ll rather put some extra effort in to the polishing to make everything one hell of an experience. Map Editor anyone?

This is something I should make a new blog post for because it’s a lot to talk about but I’ll rather keep it simple. Change of plan makes me feel better as well because keeping the whole game idea & every single map in mind is a bit too much to think about. That’s why you have a full time game designer working on the game, you hear me?! 🙂


Having full time job is indeed taking away most of the time but at the same time it makes me happy. I need to worry less and enjoy waking up every day. I’m using my evenings to work on the Courier of the Crypts now. I’m glad “most” of the programming is done so I can only concentrate on the maps and additional art. I’m less active on social channels now but I’ll be back, I just need to fall back into the normal rhythm – too many changes in such a short amount of time.

A final words – those of you who placed a bet on 2016 for finishing a game well, you’ve won! I just won’t make it in 2015. 🙂

PS: New content update is coming soon!