Happy Halloween (CotC update)

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Hello again everyone after a long pause. I hope everyone is doing fine and your Halloween preparations are in progress, however you’re going to spend that tiny holiday.


I was working hard in my free time to produce a content update for the Courier of the Crypts containing 2 new maps but sadly I’ve only managed to release a small update with changed Cathedral map ending and Halloween themed main menu screen (and some fixes here and there). Last releases weren’t as polished as I wanted them to be so I’ve decide to slow down a bit and rather release better stuff than lots of poorly made content.

2 new maps are both almost finished so you can expect new content update soon. Now, if you don’t have anything do to on the Halloween, why not give a Courier of the Crypts a go? If you don’t own it, it’s 20% off on Steam 😉

What’s new in the latest update:

  • Crypt Cathedral has the ending changed because the previous one simply wasn’t good enough. Everything went too fast and there really wasn’t any ambient at all. If you already finished the map, do it again because ending may just turn you off the chair (or couch…hm)
  • Lots of dialogues are fixed thanks to Matjaž, who took over my mess of a text.
  • New Halloween themed main menu and overworld screen.
  • Bugs fixes, quite some of them (collisions, cultist going through the wall when burning…)
  • Into the Darkness map (map 1) got a tiny fix in the puzzle room.
  • Emberheart Games splash screen added

Happy Halloween everyone!