Final round before the release

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As you could see, I have been quiet about the development lately, very very quiet. However, I released two content updates into the wild meanwhile so it’s not like the game is dead or abandoned, as always, it’s far from that. Time is just a very limited resource at the moment and I rather spend it on game development than writing regular blog posts and spreading the news around the social media as I did in the past. With that being said, things will change slowly from this point on. If you were not following the game on Steam then I may have some big news for you – in September, I released the final content update for the Courier of the Crypts before the final release. The very last update!

I also uploaded DRM-Free version with the latest update on Humble Store and

I’m still not sure how I feel about that exactly but in general, this is a huge step for me because it means this is the final round now. The next update will be the final release of the game, moving out of Early Access, joining the giants out there, standing proud as a finalized products. Courier of the Crypts will be a finished game which I will proudly show to everyone, a labor of love, passion and effort from all the years. Writing this down is making the realization even stronger and I think there’s a slight smile on my face right now.

I was keeping the profile low because a lot of people saw the game over and over through the screenshots, some of you already played it and when the game is finally out I want to have something fresh for everyone. There were a lot of things I wanted to improve or change but I was concentrating on a new content and saving this for the final release so even if you played the game for hours, you will still be able to return and play it again finding it a slightly different and way more polished – experience will be as it should be from the start.

The final development round will consist of four major parts:

  • Polishing the game & revisiting old content for improvements
  • Adding missing maps
  • Unified experience regardless of store platform (eg. in-game achievement system so I’m not relying on Steam)
  • Making the game release solid for PC, Mac & Linux

I could easily talk in length for each part but I will try to do this in the following blog posts. As you can see, there’s still a lot of work to do but the motivation was never stronger and I’m already digging in, throwing things around, updating some systems, talking with Zdravko about audio part (ambient, music, sounds…) and trying to execute his suggestions for better experience and much more including writing blog posts 😉

I would like to keep this blog post short so I don’t “shoo” you away for good and I have few extra hours which I would like to spend on the map selection screen. Yes, it wasn’t attractive, it was tiny and I’m updating it, fun times ahead!

You know what they say, last 10% is 90% of the game development so I should rather grab the hammer and start working!

Courier of the Crypts game has its own Twitter account now with 100% tweets from the crypts! Follow it for the latest news 😉