Adventure of OSX Porting – Pt. 2

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Hello adventurers!

Last month I was on another perilous adventure with the Courier, which has to be shared. Or at least I want to have it written down so I can keep it here as some kind of journal entry.

As you might know, the Courier of the Crypts OSX release didn’t go as smooth as it seemed. In fact it didn’t work for most of the MAC users as far as I know but due to heavy life schedule I simply didn’t have the energy to find and hunt down all the issues (read more about first time OSX porting here). I was postponing this and 2 feature updates for PC version were released meanwhile, which wasn’t really fair and just since there were still OSX buyers on Steam who paid the money but didn’t get anything in return. Guilt was eating me alive and some nudges here and there pushed me to get back to OSX porting to make it working this time.

The main problem I was facing while doing that was the fact that the game worked 100% fine but only on my MAC, it didn’t start for others. As you might imagine, there wasn’t really a pleasant way to find the issue out so I had to ask my awesome gamedev friend Matej Jan (Retronator) to help me test various builds so I could trace down the main issue.

Every evening after the job I have made some adjustments and included additional debug output and sent the build to Matej who returned to me with the report. This was the practice for 2 weeks until I found the problem I was looking for, and I can tell you, this was a majestic moment for me.

Builds done and sent to Matej over 2 weeks of issue hunting.

To cut it short, the main issue was that I was trying to write files inside the .apk file which is forbidden. I guess I had the writing rights on my MAC or something which was the exception, it wasn’t so for everyone else. This means the game crashed as soon as you launched the game since I creates log file as the first thing. Then on, there are other writing operations done so there was no way it would work for anyone.

With that in mind I did some research about good practices when it comes to file writing on MAC and arranged the engine code so it writes/reads the files a bit differently on MAC OS version. After that I updated the whole game code base so it included the last two content updates that were already released for a PC. In 2 weeks I had OSX patch with content updates ready and uploaded on Steam. Finally!

The process was painful but I must admit I have learned so much more about the OSX way and Xcode so I sleep peacefully now now that I know I can tackle the future OSX updates yet to come. Most of all, I’m happy that OSX buyers can now finally play the game for the first time!

Once again, this wouldn’t be possible without Matej or at least I would have to poke other people around. Oh, did you know Matej also did character portraits for the Courier of the Crypts? Yeah, he’s awesome so don’t forget to check his website and do follow him on Twitter, especially if you are into pixel art.

I have some bigger news to share so I will be making a new blog post soon enough so come back soon 😉


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