GameDev Recap – 2018

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Prototypes & small previews I did with Unity & Blender.

Year 2018 was rich for me in a sense of Game Development. Of course I have spent most of it working on the Courier of the Crypts but apart from that I was learning Unity, Blender and more Pixel Art in general.

So far I was mostly working with custom engines (for my game and at the companies that I worked) so I really wasn’t pushed into learning other engines nor there was time. That’s why I wanted to extend my knowledge in those areas with Unity & Blender being the main targets.


Apart from doing random stuff there were some specific goals I had with the engine:

  • Do random genre prototypes
  • Learn more about writing and using shaders
  • Learn how to work with pixel art (pixel perfect, tilesets…)
  • How to approach 2D collision without using the existing physics engine.

I more or less got to everything, even writing custom physics & collision response using raycasting.

As a final test I did a “full” game in Unity for Ludum Dare 43

With knowledge that I’ve gathered over the year I found Ludum Dare 43 perfect for testing out the skills and so I did the game Penance which also achieved 68th rank overall.


Since I’m not planning to buy Maya at any point I have to learn Blender since it’s currently the best free option around which evolves rapidly. And once you get past weird controls it’s very pleasant to work with.

Try at RPG terrain, pine trees, bushes & some old barrels.
Minimalist RTS styled factory & tank

With the factory above, I did simple animation of vents rotating and doors opening. Next to that I experimented with smoke effect which consists of mesh particles scaling and moving with random velocity producing satisfying smoke. These are all small details but I’ve learned simple yet handful tricks.

These are just few samples of 3D stuff I did through 2018.

Courier of the Crypts

Courier of the Crypts came a long way in 2018. Enormous amount of polishing was added to the game as well as new content with only few content remaining for 2019. I also went to gaming festival Reboot Infogamer 2018 with the game where I got some wonderful response that left me with a warm feel that I did something good with the game.

Trailer of the game playing on big screen


Next to everything above I also have a secret project that I started in Unity but sadly I can not speak more about it at this point. If everything turns out as planned, maybe I will, once in the (near?) future.

Although most of the previews & prototypes are really small, I’ve learned some good stuff about Unity & Blender. But considering that I would use that time for gaming or TV series as an alternative I believe it was a time well spent.

Happy New Year 2019 everyone!! 🎆