Courier of the Crypts is out now!

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Happy launch day adventurers!

Courier of the Crypts has officially left early access and launched on PC!

Launch trailer

On April 28th 2011, I started the Ludum Dare #20 game development compo, that’s when Courier of the Crypts idea was born.

After 8 years of development the game was finally released!
The whole journey had ups and downs but the finish lines was crossed.

You can get the game here:

Thank you
I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who was supporting me in any way up to this day.

I hope you will enjoy the full release and new content! 

GameDev Recap – 2018

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Prototypes & small previews I did with Unity & Blender.

Year 2018 was rich for me in a sense of Game Development. Of course I have spent most of it working on the Courier of the Crypts but apart from that I was learning Unity, Blender and more Pixel Art in general.

So far I was mostly working with custom engines (for my game and at the companies that I worked) so I really wasn’t pushed into learning other engines nor there was time. That’s why I wanted to extend my knowledge in those areas with Unity & Blender being the main targets.

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Indie Impressions – l’Abbaye des Morts

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l’Abbaye des Morts by Locomalito is the reason itself why I started Indie Impressions in the first place so it should deserve to be the first one I write about. Few years have passed since I played and finished the game and I still think this is one true masterpiece. It is hard to explain my feelings but as it says on the game page: “The lack of details turn on the player’s imagination, creating a unique experience for each player.

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Polishing Phase

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Few months passed and 2 new maps were finished, local achievement system implemented (more about that in the next post) and additional polishing was done all around the game. Game is getting close to its final release but there is still a lot of work to be done. Today I will be talking about the polishing process, how I approach it and what is the idea behind it.

BEFORE vs AFTER – shadows added, grass color scheme adjusted, pond & river changed and more.

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Adventure of OSX Porting – Pt. 2

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Hello adventurers!

Last month I was on another perilous adventure with the Courier, which has to be shared. Or at least I want to have it written down so I can keep it here as some kind of journal entry.

As you might know, the Courier of the Crypts OSX release didn’t go as smooth as it seemed. In fact it didn’t work for most of the MAC users as far as I know but due to heavy life schedule I simply didn’t have the energy to find and hunt down all the issues (read more about first time OSX porting here). I was postponing this and 2 feature updates for PC version were released meanwhile, which wasn’t really fair and just since there were still OSX buyers on Steam who paid the money but didn’t get anything in return. Guilt was eating me alive and some nudges here and there pushed me to get back to OSX porting to make it working this time.

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Late console implementation

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I’m sure you know a lot of games which have a console implemented one way or another. And it is not just for entering your cheat codes, it serves a higher purpose and that’s to make developer’s life easier by entering various commands for debugging.

Through all the years of the development, I had a big need for a console but for some specific reason I haven’t implemented it. I regret this so much now because I know it would save me countless of hours of debugging, switching between maps, placing various objects for testing immediately instead of placing them in the map editor…well, that’s just a few reasons among many others.

As a developer, you should have the console implemented at the beginning. Yes, I won’t argue and I will try to persuade you into this by showing you how the burden was lifted by finally implementing it!

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Final round before the release

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As you could see, I have been quiet about the development lately, very very quiet. However, I released two content updates into the wild meanwhile so it’s not like the game is dead or abandoned, as always, it’s far from that. Time is just a very limited resource at the moment and I rather spend it on game development than writing regular blog posts and spreading the news around the social media as I did in the past. With that being said, things will change slowly from this point on. If you were not following the game on Steam then I may have some big news for you – in September, I released the final content update for the Courier of the Crypts before the final release. The very last update!

I also uploaded DRM-Free version with the latest update on Humble Store and

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Adventure of porting Courier of the Crypts to Mac OS

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Facepalm, sigh, nervous finger tapping…more sighs and facepalms. That’s how will I remember the experience of porting the Courier of the Crypts from Windows to Mac OS.
I want to share the story of the whole porting procedure with you, what problems did I have and how did I feel through the whole experience as a MAC virgin. Maybe, it will also help the future me and others with the same problems.
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News and bits from the crypts!

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Few months passed since the last update but I finally made my appearance to write another lengthy blog post to cover up for last few months – last two content update to be more precise. I hope you all had a great time meanwhile.

Content Update title

As you know, my life got a bit busier in last year and when I have free time available I work on the game instead on blog posts although there is a lot to write about (development, progress, tutorials etc.) but I promise I will find more time for blog posts.

Content: Content Update 6, Content Update 7, MAC Build in progress

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