Game developers, scammers are on the run


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Indie Impressions


When I was a kid, I was playing many games that touched my heart, soul or whatever you want to call it. That feeling stayed with me to this very day. Most of the games that I’ve played in the past few years didn’t touch me at all although they may be unique, fun, relaxing or beautiful. However, there are still games to be found that can move my gaming heart and leave a seal on it. Those are the games that I want to write about in the upcoming Indie Impressions series.

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Relaxing music list

Relaxing MusicOur lives can be very stressful sometimes and music can help you calm down. When I’m working, be it game development, studying or cleaning, I like to listen to various type of music but I always prefered soothing pieces. People at Indie Game Developers group on facebook started a conversation about relaxing music so I’ve decided to finally make a list of music where everyone can find it. I hope you’ll find it useful as well, whatever you’ll be doing.

“Life is so much easier when you just chill out”

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Why is Courier of the Crypts taking so long

For quite some time I’m getting bombarded with questions about release date, demo releases, game status etc. and it’s hard to say anything because one has to understand history of the project, how my life looks like and my thoughts for the future to get aproximate answer. I’ll try to cover all these topics with this blog entry. It’s going to be a long post but I’ve decided to break the whole thing into parts so you can skip something if you like.

Table of contents:

  • History of the project
  • My usual day
  • Development
  • Current state and future


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Thoughts on 100$ fee for Steam’s Greenlight

Few days ago, Steam opened their new game submision service called Greenlight and soon there were hundreeds of projects just in few days. Developers were happy and soon lots of junk and joke submisions were found and that turned Steam’s cogs in other direction. To prevent submisions like that they require one-time fee of 100$ which will go to the Child’s Play charity. Today I read lots of articles & topics where people rant about the price and what is fair and what not so I’ll share my thoughts as well.

Before I go on we need to understand that we’re talkin about Steam giant. They were always going for the quality and that’s why this fee is in.

100$ seems a lot for majority of people but let’s see what you get for these bucks:
– submit as many games as you want
– chance that your game gets accepted
– lots of exposure 

That’s a lot already! Even if your game is great it still doesn’t mean you’ll get all the required votes. You have to speak about your game on other places as well, not just throw the game at Steam and wait for miracles. If you talk about your game on various places then I’m sure you have some fans around already and Greenlight will only boost what you have. If you have your game out already it may also boost your sale.

Now, people say there are great developers with good games that seriously can’t afford that 100$. I’m not rich, far from that but I’m trying to save where I can to afford something I want. You know, you don’t have to be on Greenlight today – try to spare that 100$ in 3 months if you think it’s worth it for you. If it’s your dream we’re talking about then you’ll go for it will all the confident! If you can’t afford 100$ in any way then you can ask your fans to help you and in return you give them the game when it comes out. If you don’t have fans work more on marketing and spread your word around before going for Greenlight. Oh and one more thing. If it’s really that bad and harsh then you don’t have to be on Steam. There are plenty other options to go with (Indievania, Gamersgate, IndieCity, Desura…)

You need money for Greenlight?
Check out “Bundle In A Box Grant” (send your game for a grant)
Developer’s solution to Steam Greenlight fee (developers offering help to others)
Kickstarter project maybe?

We always want more and more and complain too much. Steam offered us an option and we can either accept it or not. Maybe it’s not for everyone but only for those who believe in their games and want something more, so go for it! They say dreams have no limitations…or was it complaining? ;)

I’ll submit Courier of the Crypts to the Greenlight as well but first I have to do some more work around the game and meanwhile I’ll try to gather that extra money.

My 5 cents on this ultra-super-gigantish “problem” and I’m always up for the discussion so feel free to comment.

Gamescom 2012 recap

It’s more than a week since GameScom ended but I didn’t have time to complete my recap ( I blame university and exams for that…and I was a bit lazy too ).

I was in Cologne at the Gamescom for 2 days thanks to the corporate I work for and in one world it was grand! This was my first time to be at the gaming festival of any kind and it totally reached my expectations.


There were many great games to see and I was also able to speak with some team members from the various game dev teams like GameGlobe, Romino Games (Awesomenauts), Two Tribes Games (TokiTori) and there were more. Instead of telling you how great time I had I’ll speak a word or two about games I tried and loved at the same time.

Simcity (5)
After short speach in german language (which I didn’t understand at all) I was finally able to place my hands on SimCity 5 preview version. I was huge fan of first two parts then second two lost me and I think this one will bring me back. The whole game looks ultra polished, detailed and yet simple to get a hang of. When time for test passed ultra meteor rain destroyed my small city… :( But yeah, my expression wasn’t anything like that. When one of the staff asked me for impressions I couldn’t say anything else than “Perfect, that’s simply awesome!“.

This is one of the games I hardly wait to try…well, that’s a matter of past now. I was able to play and now I’m looking forward to buy it. I was glued to my heavy machine trying to blow up others’ mechs. Rockets, land mines, miniguns, mechanic step sounds…when you combine everything in fight between 6 players it blows up your mind.

me playing Hakwen

I was waiting for my colleagues to finish their race in some racing game (which I was playing as well, and I was last...) when I first saw this GameGlobe booth. Curiosity drove me closer and in the next moment I was infront of the computer creating the world. Yes, I didn’t know this is about creating worlds and everything was so simple. Creating mountains, placing assets, connecting triggers with objects – that’s some crazy editing tool. Soon after that I fell in conversation with the community manager (funny person she is, and I got t-shirt from her. Yay!). Of course, I also signed up for beta and made my first map (the one on the picture) after few days.

Natural Selection 2
This cubicle aka booth was quite hard to find but once I was in I had my fun. I jumped right
into the action as the marine trying to get into other players’ nest to do some damage. Sadly, I ended up fleeing from those little creatures (enemy players). And believe me, it can get quite nasty when 3 of those runs towards you. I didn’t have time to learn all about the game (building & upgrading) but I hope to get this game one day to give it another try.

To finalize this quick recap – it was great experience but I feel sorry that I’ve missed War of the Roses booth (where the hell was that??). Also, I wish there would be more indie titles around apart from those at the Steam booth, including Frozenbyte with Trine 2 which I’ve missed for few minutes. But yeah, gamescom is more for the triple A game titles so I shouldn’t complain. I would gladly come again and most likely I will next year. But I should also try something more indie-ish as well in the near future. We’ll see what future brings…

Best regards!

The Audio Spotlight & Courier of the Crypts Interview

Yesterday, Courier of the Crypts was featured in the Audio Spotlight’s Project Week!

The Audio Spotlight:
” Since our website started we had many great composers, sound designers and library developers with us but this time we present to you how a game developer thinks and feels the music should be used within a game. In this interview EmberHeart games present their project Courier of the Crypts in all special “Project week” on The Audio Spotlight. “

For those who don’t know, The Audio Spotlight is new, fast growing site, that highlights composers and sound designers all around the world. You can also find behind the scene footages from game and film industry as well as growing pile of tutorials and sound libraries for composers. I invite you to take few minutes to check out the site.

Thanks again to Zdravko Djordjević for the interview!