Game developers, scammers are on the run

Game developers are often victims to the huge number of scams which are always about getting free keys under the mask of media entity (Let’s players, reviewers, bloggers…). These keys are then sold on various pages like G2A or in my recent case, directly on Reddit.

Indie Impressions

When I was a kid, I was playing many games that touched my heart, soul or whatever you want to call it. That feeling stayed with me to this very day. Most of the games that I’ve played in the past few years didn’t touch me at all although they may be unique, fun, relaxing or beautiful. However, there are still games to be … Read More

Relaxing music list

Our lives can be very stressful sometimes and music can help you calm down. When I’m working, be it game development, studying or cleaning, I like to listen to various type of music but I always prefered soothing pieces. People at Indie Game Developers group on facebook started a conversation about relaxing music so I’ve decided to finally make a list of music … Read More

Why is Courier of the Crypts taking so long

For quite some time I’m getting bombarded with questions about release date, demo releases, game status etc. and it’s hard to say anything because one has to understand history of the project, how my life looks like and my thoughts for the future to get aproximate answer. I’ll try to cover all these topics with this blog entry. It’s going … Read More

Thoughts on 100$ fee for Steam’s Greenlight

Few days ago, Steam opened their new game submision service called Greenlight and soon there were hundreeds of projects just in few days. Developers were happy and soon lots of junk and joke submisions were found and that turned Steam’s cogs in other direction. To prevent submisions like that they require one-time fee of 100$ which will go to the Child’s … Read More

Gamescom 2012 recap

It’s more than a week since GameScom ended but I didn’t have time to complete my recap ( I blame university and exams for that…and I was a bit lazy too ). I was in Cologne at the Gamescom for 2 days thanks to the corporate I work for and in one world it was grand! This was my first time … Read More

The Audio Spotlight & Courier of the Crypts Interview

Yesterday, Courier of the Crypts was featured in the Audio Spotlight’s Project Week! The Audio Spotlight: ” Since our website started we had many great composers, sound designers and library developers with us but this time we present to you how a game developer thinks and feels the music should be used within a game. In this interview EmberHeart games present their … Read More