First music of the crypts – preview (video)

As you can see, this is not usual wednesday recap post. This post is about *drumroll* MUSIC! I’m really happy to share with all of you these first pieces of music that you may hear in Courier of the Crypts. While was working on the sound system, Zdravko was diligently creating music pieces and sounds. In this month I’ve recieved … Read More

Environments of the Crypts

This is a post most of you were hardly waiting for. I also had this huge desire to share with you what kind of environments are you going to pass through in the game. On most of the screenshots you either saw storyline art or piece of the tiles for the 1st episode (as I like to call it) of … Read More

Wednesday Recap #21

I’ve been busy with studying in the last week and few more study days are ahead of me. If you add my day job to this you can imagine I can hardly find time for development. Next to that I was attending Global Game Jam over the weekend here in Slovenia which was wonderful experience. I have to make post … Read More

Wednesday Recap #20

It has been quite long since the last wednesday recap – 1 month exactly. For this long gap I’m bringing you many news and I’ll start right away with screenshots. New wall graphics If you were following my previous graphics of the crypt you should recognize changed wall tiles. I’ve made more obvious top part which gives you a feeling … Read More

Wednesday Recap #19

I’m back after a short delay. I took some break from the project for about two weeks to get things done for school and more time for relaxation. You see, my eye was twitching for a whole month every day which was obvious sign of exhaustion (and maybe high level of caffeine) but it’s ok now. Back to normal! With … Read More

Why is Courier of the Crypts taking so long

For quite some time I’m getting bombarded with questions about release date, demo releases, game status etc. and it’s hard to say anything because one has to understand history of the project, how my life looks like and my thoughts for the future to get aproximate answer. I’ll try to cover all these topics with this blog entry. It’s going … Read More