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From KS to IndieGoGo

From KS to IndieGoGo


This might be a bit less important for you than me (hopefully) but I’ll have to do the Crowdfunding campaign on the IndieGoGo platform.

As you might know, I’m from Slovenia where Kickstarter is not available. I have some connections that could put the project on Kickstarter but most likely I would have to do it a bit later which I can’t really afford. That’s what happens when you start to inform yourself about stuff too late. So, this is it. Date is staying the same, just another platform.

I know IndieGoGo is well known for much lower percentage of successful projects than Kickstarter but I have good faith in the campaign. I’ve learned that you want to see that game done and that’s all I need for this campaign. We can do this!

Another positive point for you is that you may pledge via PayPal while Kickstarter doesn’t allow that.


So this is it, new banner in IndieGoGo colors wink

I hope to see you there on 11th of November.

Kickstarter date announced for the Courier of the Crypts

Kickstarter date announced for the Courier of the Crypts

CotC - Kickstarter announcment

This is it everyone, it’s going to happen. Courier of the Crypts is going to the Kickstarter on 11th of November 2014. This is when you can show me your full support. I’ll need your help once again – I’ll need to spread the word and I will need your likes, shares, retweets, forwards etc. and if you love what I’m making, your pledges.

If you don’t want to miss it you can subscribe to the mailing list on the game’s website. Alternatives are Facebook and Google+ groups, Twitter and IndieDB page where I’ll make sure everyone knows about it.

See you there everyone wink

Development resumed for good – dreams ahead

Development resumed for good – dreams ahead

Hello everyone! Some of you may realized that I’ve disappeared for something like two months if not more without a word. No blog posts, FB/Google+ news and even birdies ceased with tweets and I’m very sorry for that. I made few serious decisions few months ago and in time of this big pause my life changed quite a bit and I had to adapt to these changes, positive changes that is. All decisions made were mostly for the sake of Courier of the Crypts and since my game is main topic of this writing I’ll let you know all about it and what to expect.


About the long pause

Few months ago I’ve decided to switch my job. I was working in gamedev for 3 years but I was hunger for changes. I had two options – some other company or going full time with the Courier of the Crypts. Even though first option sounded safe and interesting, second option won because it’s even more thrilling and who doesn’t want to give a chance to their own dreams right? Also, if I want to make this game as I want it to be I need all the focus and time for it. Anyway, there is never good moment for something like this but this was as close as it could get. My roomies decided to leave the apartment, school ended for me (well, 2 exams left) and I had an option to move home and that’s what I did. After ~7 years living away from home I’ve moved back to concentrate on Courier of the Crypts and to save some money. I’ll be staying home at least for a while to make a good push with the game. My room was not in good state so I had to tidy up everything, moved old stuff out, painted the walls and made a good gamedev environment. There are still some stuff missing like fan art on the wall + place for my dear todo sticky notes.

My new gamedev nest at home

So what now? Courier of the Crypts coming soon? Yes and no. I have tremendous amount of content to do and this will take time. Lots of time but at least you can expect private demo version quite soon. I want to make a bigger testing batch before make it public so if you’re eager to test this beast do let me know – drop a line below or leave me a tweet / email and I’ll add you to the list of testers.

Future for the Courier of the Crypts


That’s right, I’ll be doing Kickstarter and Greenlight campaign soon after the demo. What, when, how…all of that information will be released soon. All of you who desperately want  to support me (and give your money) this will be your chance! wink

Next to that I’ll resume regular wednesday recaps starting today. Every week like in old times, yay! That’s it, Courier of the Crypts is going onwards with full steam ahead.

That’s it? Nothing new from the game to show?

Screenshots and gif animations will follow in the next post wink

New followers

In time of my disappearance I got pretty nice amount of followers on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks a lot everyone for your support! If you want to talk with me, just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to chit-chat with you.

Flappy Courier – new small game in development

Flappy Courier – new small game in development

You know I’m developing Courier of the Crypts for quite long now and I need some break from time to time to create a small game or two. It’s good for game developer to complete something from time to time and that’s why I’m doing Flappy Courier.

Screenshot from the game


  • very hard, flappy bird like
  • dark and nice pixelated graphics
  • special effects on tap
  • highscores & achievements
  • iOS / Android / Windows Phone

I even prepared short gameplay video from the game.  Enjoy it and let me know what you think.

Courier of the Crypts – First fan art!

Courier of the Crypts – First fan art!

cotc_fanart_snutiLast week I was totally surprised when I got home – there was this great fan art piece lying on the twitter with my mention in it. I can’t tell you how happy I was, it’s first fan art for ma game! I’m getting this one on my wall, that’s for sure.

Image was done by awesome duo Clare Falconer and Christer Eckermann who are also owners of the tiny indie studio Snuti – currently working on the beautiful game Drift Bloom.

Clare did the sketches and line art while Christer poured down all the colors on it to make it alive. They really caught the ambient smile

Thank you Clare and Christer, I’ll never forget this!


CotC is BIAB’s Indie Dev Grant Winner!

CotC is BIAB’s Indie Dev Grant Winner!

Indie Dev Grant winner - >thank you< note

Courier of the Crypts made it! Officialy – Bundle In a Box Indie Dev Grant winner \o/
I can’t stress enough how happy I am about this for it is proof big enough, that people like what I’m working on and they believe in me and my project. At least that’s what I would like to think. Thanks again to everyone, you’re the best!


As you can see, I’ve won with 168 votes out of 779. There were 4675 bundles which means that not many people voted for one of the nominees.

Vote for Courier of the Crypts with RPG Bundle (Bundle In a Box)

Vote for Courier of the Crypts with RPG Bundle (Bundle In a Box)

Today, new Bundle in a Box went live with 13 great indie RPG games. This bundle also supports indie dev grant – for every 100 bundles sold, 15$ will go on stack which will be given to one of the developers nominated for the grant and yes, I’m one of them with Courier of the Crypts.

If you are buying this bundle, you can vote for Courier of the Crypts since you are super awesome supporter of my game. Extra bucks would be more than helpful for the project (steam greenlight, composer, coffee…)

So, how can you vote?

1. Buy bundle

2. After buying a bundle visit your download page (you’ll get an email with the link) and scroll down


3. Check radio button next to Courier of the Crypts and click “Vote”



That’s about it!

Of course, there are many other nominees and if you like something else over my game, please feel free to support other developers. If you are still sure about voting for my game ( you should be! ) then you’re the best and I’ll high-five you 5 times if I meet you. Thanks in advance for your support everyone!

Ludum Dare results are out – Top 50, here I come!

Ludum Dare results are out – Top 50, here I come!

Ludum Dare competition is officially over and results are out. My game, Dungeon Warden: Rise of the Goatman got in Top 50 lits out of 902 entries (compo version). Even better,  I got in 36th place which is quite awesome for my second ludum dare of all time. I can’t express how happy I am about the results because I never thought I would come so far although I liked the idea with confidence from the start. If you haven’t yet, I invite you to try the game out and check other entries as well for there were many good ones built over the weekend.

Congratiulations to all competitors who managed to complete a game!

official result displaying the rank in categories

Ludum Dare #25

Ludum Dare #25

Do you know what happened 20th Ludum Dare competition? At that special one when the the theme was ” It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this! “?

Courier of the Crypts! Yep, that’s right, that’s when I came up with the idea, at the 4am and made a quick prototype in 48 hours. At that point, I didn’t have any intentions to make something bigger out of it but it happened. More about that next time.

I like Ludum Dare competition because you can see what you are capable of. You have exactly 48 hours to get an idea and make it into a game (your code, your art, your music). And that’s not all, hundreds of people are participating as well, sharing their progress and at the end, you see all the creations, it’s just great. I’ll be writing dev blog at the Ludum Dare webpage and hopefully I’ll be live streaming my desktop as well. Links coming up next week.

Competition starts on Friday 14th at 00:00 (03:00 AM for me…). I’ll keep you informed. I have to prepare my framework now.