Courier of the Crypts – no funding, future?

Few days ago, on 11th of November, the Indiegogo campaign for the game failed with only 33% funded (3,342€). Like some of you I’m a bit bitter about the outcome of the campaign as well. Was I prepared for fail? Of course, but I’m optimistic type of the person and I had high hopes for the game. For about a week or … Read More

From KS to IndieGoGo

This might be a bit less important for you than me (hopefully) but I’ll have to do the Crowdfunding campaign on the IndieGoGo platform. As you might know, I’m from Slovenia where Kickstarter is not available. I have some connections that could put the project on Kickstarter but most likely I would have to do it a bit later which … Read More

Kickstarter date announced for the Courier of the Crypts

This is it everyone, it’s going to happen. Courier of the Crypts is going to the Kickstarter on 11th of November 2014. This is when you can show me your full support. I’ll need your help once again – I’ll need to spread the word and I will need your likes, shares, retweets, forwards etc. and if you love what … Read More

Development resumed for good – dreams ahead

Hello everyone! Some of you may realized that I’ve disappeared for something like two months if not more without a word. No blog posts, FB/Google+ news and even birdies ceased with tweets and I’m very sorry for that. I made few serious decisions few months ago and in time of this big pause my life changed quite a bit and I … Read More

Flappy Courier – new small game in development

You know I’m developing Courier of the Crypts for quite long now and I need some break from time to time to create a small game or two. It’s good for game developer to complete something from time to time and that’s why I’m doing Flappy Courier. Features: very hard, flappy bird like dark and nice pixelated graphics special effects … Read More

Courier of the Crypts – First fan art!

Last week I was totally surprised when I got home – there was this great fan art piece lying on the twitter with my mention in it. I can’t tell you how happy I was, it’s first fan art for ma game! I’m getting this one on my wall, that’s for sure. Image was done by awesome duo Clare Falconer and Christer … Read More

CotC is BIAB’s Indie Dev Grant Winner!

Courier of the Crypts made it! Officialy – Bundle In a Box Indie Dev Grant winner \o/ I can’t stress enough how happy I am about this for it is proof big enough, that people like what I’m working on and they believe in me and my project. At least that’s what I would like to think. Thanks again to everyone, … Read More

Courier goes on the Bundle in a Box quest

RPG Bundle in a Box is set of 13 indie RPG titles that supports developers directly as well as charity and Indie Dev Grant. Buy “Bundle in a Box” How to Vote

Vote for Courier of the Crypts with RPG Bundle (Bundle In a Box)

Today, new Bundle in a Box went live with 13 great indie RPG games. This bundle also supports indie dev grant – for every 100 bundles sold, 15$ will go on stack which will be given to one of the developers nominated for the grant and yes, I’m one of them with Courier of the Crypts. If you are buying this … Read More

Ludum Dare results are out – Top 50, here I come!

Ludum Dare competition is officially over and results are out. My game, Dungeon Warden: Rise of the Goatman got in Top 50 lits out of 902 entries (compo version). Even better,  I got in 36th place which is quite awesome for my second ludum dare of all time. I can’t express how happy I am about the results because I … Read More