Vote for Courier of the Crypts with RPG Bundle (Bundle In a Box)

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Today, new Bundle in a Box went live with 13 great indie RPG games. This bundle also supports indie dev grant – for every 100 bundles sold, 15$ will go on stack which will be given to one of the developers nominated for the grant and yes, I’m one of them with Courier of the Crypts. If you are buying this … Read More

Ludum Dare results are out – Top 50, here I come!

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Ludum Dare competition is officially over and results are out. My game, Dungeon Warden: Rise of the Goatman got in Top 50 lits out of 902 entries (compo version). Even better,  I got in 36th place which is quite awesome for my second ludum dare of all time. I can’t express how happy I am about the results because I … Read More

Ludum Dare #25

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Do you know what happened 20th Ludum Dare competition? At that special one when the the theme was ” It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this! “? Courier of the Crypts! Yep, that’s right, that’s when I came up with the idea, at the 4am and made a quick prototype in 48 hours. At that point, I didn’t have any intentions to … Read More

After the long break

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As you could see, I haven’t posted any updates on the game for a looooong time and many are asking about the Courier of the Crypts, how is it going, if I’m still developing it etc. so this post should be about this past silence. In past 2 months I haven’t done anything for the project due to the lack … Read More

Indie Dev Grant – Bundle In A Box

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Bundle In A Box is out! For those that don’t know yet, for every 100$ that Bundle in a Box will get, 10$ will go on stack for the Indie Dev Grant which will be given to one of the nomenees that will get the higher number of votes. Yes, I’m one of the nomenees and you can check out my … Read More

News bundle from the crypts

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So, what was going on with the Courier in the past days… Body shredders added You can see those deadly mechanisms on the picture above. It’s a very nice addition to the game which adds many options to build challenging pattern-traps. One tip for the future: be extra careful when you see those rails. Courier made an appearance on the … Read More

Official website for the Courier of the Crypts

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It was about time to make an official website for the Courier of the Crypts because so far it was hard to know what the game is about except if you were following the development on the blog. Now everyone can find all the information about the game on one place. Changes and additions will come over time but until … Read More

Gamescom 2012 recap

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It’s more than a week since GameScom ended but I didn’t have time to complete my recap ( I blame university and exams for that…and I was a bit lazy too ). I was in Cologne at the Gamescom for 2 days thanks to the corporate I work for and in one world it was grand! This was my first time … Read More

Courier of the Crypts has first video preview!

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There it is as I promised! First official video preview from the crypts is ready for those who were ranting that my screenshots are not enough, that they want to see game in action. Bare in mind that what you see is far from the final product. Now, enjoy the video and feel free to tell what you think. Development … Read More

The Audio Spotlight & Courier of the Crypts Interview

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Yesterday, Courier of the Crypts was featured in the Audio Spotlight’s Project Week! The Audio Spotlight: ” Since our website started we had many great composers, sound designers and library developers with us but this time we present to you how a game developer thinks and feels the music should be used within a game. In this interview EmberHeart games present their … Read More