Weekly recap from the Crypts

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From now on, I’ll release weekly recap about the development since life got a bit easier and progress goes on at full speed. So, what happened this week: Website for the Courier of the Crypts I’ve started to work on the website because currently one can’t find all the information about the game on one place. Design is finished already … Read More

Back among the living…excuses and news!

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Date goes back to the April 11th when I wrote last post and honestly it hurts me but you know, second life has priority. Job and school took me lots of time and those crumbs of time left were used for relaxation otherwise I would collapse. Well, despite everything, I’m returning here with bunch of news, ha! Courier of the … Read More

Happy Easter holidays!

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Courier is lurking trough the crypts trying to find easter eggs. I would like to see expression  on his face when he finds out that those are not what he thinks. Hah, this should be fun! Happy Easter holidays everyone! Please, don’t hunt rabbits – easter egg drop chance is only 0,01%

Why is it taking so long

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There was an October and November 2011 when I did a lot of things for the Courier of the Crypts and even released in-game preview videos. And then, there was silence… If we skip elements like job and studying I had to rewrite the framework on which this game  runs, so this is the reason for no “visual” previews and … Read More

Release the flames!

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Here we go, welcome everyone! Emberheart games studio is alive, ready to release it’s flames to the world of indie games. First of all I invite you to the famous about page to learn more (it’s not that much really) about the Emberheart games and the man behind this. Currently, there is my first commercial game in the development called … Read More