Adventure of porting Courier of the Crypts to Mac OS

Courier of the Crypts MAC Port banner

Facepalm, sigh, nervous finger tapping…more sighs and facepalms. That’s how will I remember the experience of porting the Courier of the Crypts from Windows to Mac OS.
I want to share the story of the whole porting procedure with you, what problems did I have and how did I feel through the whole experience as a MAC virgin. Maybe, it will also help the future me and others with the same problems.

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News and bits from the crypts!

Content Update title

Few months passed since the last update but I finally made my appearance to write another lengthy blog post to cover up for last few months – last two content update to be more precise. I hope you all had a great time meanwhile.

As you know, my life got a bit busier in last year and when I have free time available I work on the game instead on blog posts although there is a lot to write about (development, progress, tutorials etc.) but I promise I will find more time for blog posts.

Content: Content Update 6, Content Update 7, MAC Build in progress

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Happy Halloween (CotC update)

Hello again everyone after a long pause. I hope everyone is doing fine and your Halloween preparations are in progress, however you’re going to spend that tiny holiday.


I was working hard in my free time to produce a content update for the Courier of the Crypts containing 2 new maps but sadly I’ve only managed to release a small update with changed Cathedral map ending and Halloween themed main menu screen (and some fixes here and there). Last releases weren’t as polished as I wanted them to be so I’ve decide to slow down a bit and rather release better stuff than lots of poorly made content.

2 new maps are both almost finished so you can expect new content update soon. Now, if you don’t have anything do to on the Halloween, why not give a Courier of the Crypts a go? If you don’t own it, it’s 20% off on Steam ;)

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Courier of the Crypts – Demo, Indiegogo and Greenlight

I want to announce that Courier of the Crypts is finally on Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight. There is also a demo preview version ready for you to download. I’m a bit late with announcment but I was really busy for the past few days with the preparations for the campaigns and game festival where I’m having my booth at this very moment.

Indiegogo | Greenlight 

Indiegogo is already 18% funded and not even 2 days passed.. This is just great because it’s obvious I have lots of fans supporting me and looking forward to the game release. THANK YOU everyone!

RebootInfoGamer 2014 – Courier’s first booth

The battle goes on, I’m far from the project being funded so I have a long month infront of me. Expect live development streamings in next month as well.

So please, pledge, vote, talk, yell and spread the world about the Indiegogo, Steam and the demo, help me get the word out.

Merry Christmas



Pony delivery service gathered everyone together to celebrate Christmas. Courier invited lonely crypt walkers around – golems, mummies, spiders and even ghosts came over (there are more but they are too shy to show up). Others came as well! Grave digger helping out with the snow, old hag baking cookies and old man sipping the warm tea.

There is no Christmas without all the people that are part of your story and same goes for me. You all are part of my story, following my progress, sharing, cheering on me and helping me to get this game further and further, day by day.

I would like to thank all of you for this and wish you a warm and happy Christmas.

I’m am prepared for the Ludum Dare 25

In time of writing, there are 5 hours and 55 minutes left until Ludum Dare starts. I can’t tell you how excited I am at the moment. I still need to take some rest before the start like 2 or 3 hours because when Ludum Dare starts, it will be 3AM here so….yeah.

Anyway, today I’ve made some shopping for the catastrophe supply, finished all important stuff for school, zipped TIGSource Advent Calendar entry (for 17th) and prepared my framework for Ludum dare. It was a long day.

Part of weekend supplies (tuna, milk, coffe, olives, pizza, spagheti, tea, marmelade, junk food, salami…) 

View from my Ludum Dare weekend throne!

To bed now and when I get up, it’s time for show time!