Introducing Courier of the Crypts

Courier of the Crypts is the first game by the Emberheart Games which is still in the development. Idea for the game was born at the Ludum Dare 48 competition where I made something rough in 2 days. Few months after the competition, I’ve decided to start fresh game with the same idea – leading a courier trough some dark crypts just to deliver a letter to the guardian of the crypts.

It’s neither time nor monsters that threats, but the fire of your magic torch. Everytime you make a move, flame on your torch lowers and when it runs out, courier is helpless. Of course, there is lurking evil in the crypts as well as nasty puzzles but the most important thing is your torch because visibility and safety depends on it’s power.

Since the game is not heavily based around action, there aren’t many monsters but I’ve designed them carefuly so each of them requires different approach. E.g. some may be affraid of fire then others won’t stop before it. Among other mechanics you’ll have to think about that as well in order to pass on your letter. In accordance with the thematic I didn’t forget on spooky moments that will make your heart beat faster (just a little, don’t worry ). There are more things that I won’t mention here but all together, I should desrcibe my game as  spooky-action-puzzle-adventure … I should really work on this to shorten it up, ey?

Since I’m primary a windows game developer, Courier of the Crypts will be released for Windows first but I intend to release it for MAC as well in the future, that’s a promise. That’s a rough description on current project. It will have lots of great maps, whole bunch of spooky moments and a fine story. Follow the develpoment of the Courier of the Crypts and you’ll see. If questions burdens you, please do take them off here!

Best regards!

Release the flames!

Here we go, welcome everyone! Emberheart games studio is alive, ready to release it’s flames to the world of indie games. First of all I invite you to the famous about page to learn more (it’s not that much really) about the Emberheart games and the man behind this. Currently, there is my first commercial game in the development called Courier of the Crypts, about which you’ll hear more in the next posts. That’s all for the intro post.

Stay tunned!