Courier of the Crypts – Content Update #1

First content update is live on Steam! It’s a bit smaller than planned but there is still a big map full of enemies, puzzles and secrets to be found. Also, if you’re afraid of spiders you’ll find this update suitable for you because Aracnophobic filter is in the game now!
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Old and new about spiders

Something new for you today that you may be interested in and it’s about spiders. Yes, spiders! Even if you are arachnophobic don’t ya worry, reading won’t be that spiderish and I even have some good news for you.

At the weekend I was working on a first boss which is giant spider and when I was comparing that ugly beast with small spiders I currently hold in my game a need for change risen. Old spiders definitely needed a remake and here it is, check it out.

As you can saw for the Easter holidays I revealed nasty eggs back then and as you might guessed, spiders will hatch out from that (at least from most of them). Egg will normaly hatch if you get too close to it or you can simply destroy it from the distance if you think you have oil urns to spare. So, let’s see the equation.

The other new thing is spider mechanics. From the start I wanted spiders to be afraid of flame all the time in dependance of flame size (smaller it is closer they get but never eat you in general except if you rush and step on them ). Now I’ve decided to change this a bit since it was almost impossible to get killed by them and consequently I could hardly use them for challanged and scarry enviroment. Now, the new plan!

At the 50% of torch light, spiders won’t be afraid of the flame anymore. To let player know about that, flame bar will get it’s color changed and music will change to ambiental so you’ll know for sure when you have to clear your mind and act serious. With that change new options opens for me to put more ambient, puzzles and trick to the crypts.

And now for the Archanophobic people out there! My brother randomly suggested that I should add an option to check if you’re one of those and if you check that box, spiders will be replaced by some cute bugs. No, I’m lying, they won’t be cute…But yeah, I think that would be a nice addition and will see the light for sure.

That’s all you should know about spiders in Courier of the Crypts. Tell me what you think and I’ll be more than happy to hear your out.

PS: If you’re a game developer please return me the kindness with an Ophidiophobia (fear before snakes) checkbox for me.