Courier’s story setup

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Are you one of those that likes the story in games? For me it’s always nice to go trough a story in games as long as it’s not long or wrapped in dozens lines of boring text. I even support short story for small games that doesn’t really need a story like tetris. In Courier of the Crypts story is … Read More

Freshly baked to-do list

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I just love to-do lists, because I don’t like to keep all task that I have to do in my head (including those to buy pizza). Ussualy I make more lists while working on the project. Why? Because I don’t want to be like “Oh man, there are so many things to do, project is not going anywhere“, so I … Read More

Introducing Courier of the Crypts

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Courier of the Crypts is the first game by the Emberheart Games which is still in the development. Idea for the game was born at the Ludum Dare 48 competition where I made something rough in 2 days. Few months after the competition, I’ve decided to start fresh game with the same idea – leading a courier trough some dark … Read More