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Content Update title

Few months passed since the last update but I finally made my appearance to write another lengthy blog post to cover up for last few months – last two content update to be more precise. I hope you all had a great time meanwhile.

As you know, my life got a bit busier in last year and when I have free time available I work on the game instead on blog posts although there is a lot to write about (development, progress, tutorials etc.) but I promise I will find more time for blog posts.

Content: Content Update 6, Content Update 7, MAC Build in progress

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Courier approves “Replay value”

Study hold me back for far too long but I’m finally over (for now). I’ve promised lines of text about the replay value in the Courier of the Crypts and guess what, here it is! There is also a small ornament attached to it called “sketch“.

Every developer should reward loyal players with chest of goodies called ”replay value”. Many times I found myself crying in the corner because I’ve completed the game and I didn’t have anything new to do (except playing over the same linear content) and I don’t wish for my players to have the same fate as I did. So, here’s what I did to prevent this:

In my game, every map has the exit, which you have to reach in order to complete the level before your flame runs out. It may sound simple but there are many hazards and tricks that will try to keep you among the dead. Next to that, I’ve added the treasure which can be collected along the way…and it may deceive you as well. Every map will have the perfect’o’meter which counts how much treasure did you pick in those maps and if you get all of it, map will be marked as <insert awesome rank here>. With all maps covered, you’ll get an achievement of Greedy Courier or something so you can brag before the others.

Treasure will be placed carefully so you can get out of flame if you don’t move wisely and that’s another way to play the game and different tactics to use. It’s not just about the shiny stuff that human’s eye see, it’s about an additional element to the gameplay, to survive the crypt’s maze while picking shiny coins from the floor carefully.

Let me give you an example on my finest sketch

you are looking at my finest sketch

Let’s say this is an end of some random level and you’re already running out of the flame. What will you do? Let me give you a three possible scenarios for the ending:

You just want to finish the map:
You simply run to the button, push it and run past the doors to the exit.
You are greedy:
Grab the gold along the way and you’ll stay out of the flame before you reach the exit, which calls for the level restart.
You are greedy yet smart:
You run to the button, pick the coal behind the doors so your flame refills and you can run back to the gold quickly and then straight back to the exit for the <insert awesome rank here> title on the map.

By now you should understand how replay value works in the Courier of the Crypts. In most cases, it will require different approach to the puzzles in order to get that perfection on the map and that’s exactly why this system is interesting.

Play the game in relaxed way trying to reach the exit or you can as well sweat while sneaking behind the golem’s back trying to pick that last coin in the crypts. It’s your choice!