Wednesday Recap #32

You might have heard that Kickstarter date for the Courier of the Crypts is revealed. I’m yelling around about it for a week now. Because preparations takes time I’ll stop with the weekly recaps until the campaign. After that, everything will go back to normal. So, no more recaps for 1 weeks but don’t worry. Instead of text blocks I’ll supply … Read More

Wednesday Recap #29

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a great week so far. Great or not, I’ll try to make it a bit better with this post, ok? Last week I left you empty handed because I was studying for the exam and there was not much progress done except the one for the trailer which is TOP SECRET for now. I’ve … Read More

Wednesday Recap #28

Hello everyone! I hope you had a as great week(end) as I did. I’ve done a lot of progress on all sides of the development and I’m closer and closer to the demo, trailer and kickstarter. Let me start with the cool stuff! Creepy foggy fog I’ve made this simple fog which looks really nice in the game or at least … Read More

Wednesday Recap #27

I’m back after two weeks and I’m really sorry for no Wednesday Recap last week but I was having short vacations at the seaside. Don’t worry though, I did some progress over there as well. wink Seaside vacations Vacations were quite relaxing although I’ve used some of the time for Courier of the Crypts as well (I’m not saying gamedev … Read More

Wednesday Recap #23

Hello again my dear readers and passers-by. You know how the drill goes – I show you what I was working on, give you some excuses why I don’t have more to show and complete everything with nice cute gif animation (to forget those excuses…). So here we go. GIF animation Of course, I’ll start with this one to get … Read More

Wednesday Recap #22

I’ve skipped one wednesday recap but I didn’t leave you empty handed. Last time I did a nice post featuring first music pieces for the Courier of the Crypts (and video with the scenes from the game to accompany the music) – check it out here. As most of you know I’m working on the short playable demo to get some … Read More

Wednesday Recap #21

I’ve been busy with studying in the last week and few more study days are ahead of me. If you add my day job to this you can imagine I can hardly find time for development. Next to that I was attending Global Game Jam over the weekend here in Slovenia which was wonderful experience. I have to make post … Read More

Wednesday Recap #20

It has been quite long since the last wednesday recap – 1 month exactly. For this long gap I’m bringing you many news and I’ll start right away with screenshots. New wall graphics If you were following my previous graphics of the crypt you should recognize changed wall tiles. I’ve made more obvious top part which gives you a feeling … Read More

Merry Christmas

  Pony delivery service gathered everyone together to celebrate Christmas. Courier invited lonely crypt walkers around – golems, mummies, spiders and even ghosts came over (there are more but they are too shy to show up). Others came as well! Grave digger helping out with the snow, old hag baking cookies and old man sipping the warm tea. There is … Read More

Wednesday Recap #18

My lovely wednesday! Here I am, once again smile I’ll start with honest statement – I wasn’t really productive this week. There we go, I’ve said it! I’ve been really tired every day and I hardly got anything done. I skipped #screenshotsaturday again which isn’t good for my exposure. I had almost everything ready but unpredicted stuff came into my … Read More